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bandsaw dilemma

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  • bandsaw dilemma

    I have been looking at bandsaws under $500 dollars for some time now. I know the Ridgid has problems with vibration and it seems with an extra $100 dollars or less I can get it to perform reasonably well- I would never expect the OEM blade to function well on any tool.

    I've written Ridgid customer service with a question I can't seem to get a reply to this question. Some time ago in anticipation that I would someday buy the Ridgid BS, I saw a riser block on sale on one of my trips to HD and purchased it. I don't know if this will fit the current (orange model) of BS or not.

    Does anyone know if this will fit? I purchased this in late 2003 or 04.

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    It may help if you mentioned what type of riser block it is? Is it a Ridgid or some other brand?
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      I'm 99.9% sure that riser block will fit the current bandsaw. When TTI/OWT started making the bandsaw they changed very little from the Emerson/Ridge Tool design.
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        If it's a Ridgid it should fit. My understanding is that there is no difference between the older (pre-TTI) gray-colored model and the newer orange model.

        However, I'm sure if you search around, you'll probably find a better bandsaw for your investment.

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          It is a Ridgid riser.


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            That is a Ridgid riser and will fit any Ridgid band saw. ALSO take a look at the grizzly saws. they have a nice machine that that riser will also fit. A lot of people have bought the grizzly riser and used it on Ridgid saws. Ridgid had the risers on back order for a long time and when they got them in the price jumped way up.
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