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    I've been eyeing the MSUV for my new Makita SCMS and wondering if it is going to go on sale again like last March. I talked to a guy at Home Depot who was very helpful and pulled up the price history of the MSUV and said that it probably won't go on sale again to the $99 it went to in March because it is technically on sale right now at $149 down from it's "new" price of $199. My question is, hasn't the "new" price of $199 been around for a while? He made it sound like it just started the latter half of 2006. I'm just wondering if I should wait and see if it goes on sale or if what he is telling me is correct. Thanks for your thoughts in advance.

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    I may be mistaken, but it seems to me that the price of the MSUV was raised just before Thanksgiving. While the $99 price of last March was certainly a sale on a great product, the regular price before and after the sale was $149. I believe that price stayed at $149 through most of the fall.

    HD has been doing a bit of this 70-ish style of price baiting of late. Maybe now that Ray Nardelli has been fired, we'll see a more honest approach to retailing at Home Depot.



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      If my memory serves my right, the MSUV originally was $199 when it first was introduced a few years ago. Then I remember it going on sale for $149 followed by it again going back to the $199 level. Two years ago HD had a springtime sale where they offered it for $99 and another $99 sale last April. Both of those sales only lasted about 4 days. When I bought mine last April, for $99, that sale was never advertised. In between the $99 sales I seem to recall a brief period where it was priced at $169 but mostly the price I remember as its regular price is $149.
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        Thanks guys

        I think you've answered my question. I'll probably wait until March/April and see if they drop them down briefly. From what I have read they are not worth $199, probably worth the price of $149, and a steel at $99.

        Great forum you have here. Very helpful.