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  • To Buy or Not to Buy

    Last posting on this. Would like to hear more feed back on, if I should keep my TS2400 or trade it in for the TS3612. Need more input only five days till I have to keep the TS2400..

    Thanks Dean

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    What is the deal you have for trading in the 2400 for the 3612? If the 2400 was a new purchase and you only plan to use it in your shop, then take it back and get the 3612. Otherwise, what incentive do you have to get rid of a good working saw??


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      This is a common question I receive from customers. My general recommendation is that if you are using the saw in a home shop situation and are considering the TS2400 just to save room, try very hard to find the room for the cast iron TS3612. It will serve a person much better than the TS2400 in a home shop situation.

      Conversely, if this saw will be transported at all, the TS2400 is much better suited to the task. The 250 lb TS3612 just is not good for a lot of transportation.



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        Jake took the words right outta my mouth...I have both a 2400 and a 2424 and my truck sits outside....
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