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Brand new TS3650 parts missing/broken

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  • Brand new TS3650 parts missing/broken

    I just got home from HD with my new table saw. I started to put it together and discovered that the fence lock down handle is broken and that the leg foot braces are missing. The odd thing is, according to the manual, the foot braces are in the bubble pack, yet there is no mention of them on the pack itself.

    I hate to take this back to HD since it is so hard to move. Two big guys from the store loaded it into my truck and I took each part out of the box by itself and carried it into the basement.

    Rigid support is only open from 8:00 to 5:00 EST, so I have to wait and call tomorrow. What can I expect them to tell me about the missing and broken parts?

    Here's the kicker: The store manager offered to sell me the display model tonight and I opted for one in the box. I was afraid it had been assembled by some goof who only used enough parts to get it to look good and I did not want to take a chance.

    Boy, my 40 year old Sears is looking pretty good again. My uncle built a lot of cabinets with that in his career and it has served me well, too. I bought the Rigid after reading all the reviews and because I thought my basement might stay a lot cleaner with the dust collection system on the Rigid.

    Thanks for letting me vent my dissapointment. I hope I can get satisfaction from Rigid.

    On another note, I used to work at a plumbing supply house and the Rigid calenders were always popular. Do they still make those?
    Dave D

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    That's a bummer! Hopefully it'll get worked out soon.

    I wish they'd lose that plastic fence handle and put something more substantial on're not alone with that issue.


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      "the Rigid calendars were always popular. Do they still make those?"


      The RIDGID Pin-Up calendar is a tradition dating back to 1935.
      The 2007-2008 Calendar is now available for order.

      For the first time ever the calendar is available for purchase
      online using all major credit cards.

      "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Bob D. 2006


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