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Shop pictures inside; need advice on shop setup

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    Yes, I can modify to make the bench top deeper but I am still left with lots of wasted space behind the guide rails.

    I am thinking about building the bench top a little wider and place screw bins behind the guide rails. Either that or purchase another miter saw so this will work correctly. Can't build any coves per say but you know, I guess I could build out a false wall a foot or so and then put a screw bin behind the guide rails and have cabinets over the top of the work bench. Now that is an idea...



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      This may seem like an odd suggestion at first but what about bringing you SCMS off a wall and out into the middle of the room? You have plenty of space. You could do something creative like put it onto an outfeed table for you table saw just beyond the fence capacity so it doesn't block anything. This way there is no wasted space.


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        Norm also has this plan that may be a solution for your SCMS.


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          How about putting your SCMS on a sliding table top so that when your not using your saw you can push the table top all the way back to the wall
          and when in use just pull it forward a foot or so as needed. Or, what I did was put casters on my SCMS table and pull the whole thing forward when needed.

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