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Shop pictures inside; need advice on shop setup

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  • Shop pictures inside; need advice on shop setup

    You can go here for pictures to my shop I took today. You will have overlook the fact I don't have a html page up yet but I wanted to post some pics and don't feel like putting a page together just yet. I did a lot of sweeping before the pictures so you guys wouldn't think I had been working or something.

    I am open to any ideas on how you think I should lay out my shop. I will leave it at that to get the most ideas and thanks in advance.


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    Some questions to get started:
    Is this dedicated shop space? - or do you have to share it with cars, etc?
    What are the dimensions?


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      Quite an enviable position you are fortunate enough to be in, to have that much space available to set up shop in is something most of us only daydream about.



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        Assuming that is a dedicated shop space, locate the table saw near the middle of of the space as possable, so cutting sheet goods will leave you space on both side (if possable) even if cutting 6" off the end.

        It looks long and narrow by the photo's as I can tell. You may want to consider using the long straight wall with a LONG bench type structure to support the CMS, mortiser and belt and/or spindle sander. I'm considering the same, only a shorter version.

        The rest you fit in to the location to minimize duct for dust collection, keeping the heavy's like the jointer and planer closer. I have the band saw for resawing, jointer and planer on the same wall. Works well for me. The Jog in the wall, in the corner would be a good location for the dust collector.

        Ok, gave my 2 cents. Lets see photo's of when it's all done!
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          Thanks for the responses! I will try and get a shop drawing up later tonight but by tomorrow night for sure.

          The sapce is dedicated minus one weekend warrior which has not made the move down there yet. A 1999 Z28 (my slightly modified weekend drag racer). That basement is 70' long even thought he pictures might not show that so I have plenty of room to park out of the way.

          I can always just make my table saw setup further back or since it is only wheels, I could move it around. I still might push it back a few feet on the far side of the corner (jog in the wall) so I don't have to move it around much.

          Basically, I am very new to woodworking, have lots of patience, have a big basement and want you guys to help me do this the correct way. [img]smile.gif[/img]


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            Woody's right on with the table saw centered and the milling tools nearby for easy dust collection. If I had the space here I'd have three distinct areas:
            1. Woodworking area
            2. General tools area (wrenches, other tools and stuff I hate to get dirty)
            3. Finishing area.
            Woodworking would be close to the door for easy sweeping and off loading of lumber. The finishing area would be farthest away from the WW area.

            I don't know if you want partition walls but it would sure keep things cleaner [img]smile.gif[/img]

            The other basic thing to keep in mind is the flow of materials through the shop. Chop saw to jointer to planer to table saw to work bench - if they are placed well in relation to each other it'll make things easier.


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              Got the sketch of the shop up. Feel free to scribble around and post your setup.

              Let's go ahead and make the wall on the bottom of the sketch cabinets for wrenches and car tools. There is some duct that comes down on the wall too so that wall is really a bad wall.

              Everything else is fair game.

              At this point, I really don't want to partition anything off as I will have a cover over my car if it ever makes it down there. Plus, I like the open look. [img]smile.gif[/img]

              So let's have them suggestions, I am dying to get this planned and started building.

              Thanks again for the help so far!


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                I would comment that this would be a good time to plan some accomadations for wood storage. Make sure you have plenty of space for it because over time you will likely retain more wood than you have dedicated space for. This will then force you to start choosing which wood you store flat and what can be leaned against a wall [img]smile.gif[/img] Since I have very little space right now, I use shelves all the way around my shop just above the height of the door and a sheet goods area behind my router table. I'm sure you will be able to do better.

                Woody had good comments as well, especially considering where you may want to put the dust collection if you don't already have one.


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                  Wood storage. [img]smile.gif[/img] What do you think about the racks I see with the metal arms that come out of the wall? I guess some cubby holes for smaller scraps would be good too.

                  I also need a better way to transport 4x8 Sheets around the shop on wheels.



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                    Metal racks work. You can pick up metal bookshelf supports at Home Depot/Lowes for $1 a piece. If you want more flexability or don't want a lot of wall space eaten up, I've seen angle-sided racks on casters so you can move it around. wood can be stored on either side and in the middle.


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                      I will make me the angle side caster for sheet goods and small scrap and leave the wall racks for my long lumber. Good idea's here.

                      I have updated the drawing, , so let me know what you think so far. This is just throwing some iideas around.



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                        I have a dilemma here I need some help with. I ran across a guys website that had built the NYW Miter Bench. I love that bench look and setup. It seems to be just the thing I was looking for. So I send him an email and ask him a few questions. He was kind enough to email the plans to me (his original set) and gave them to me. I told him I would just look them over and send them back as I don’t want to take the mans plans and I want the video so I am going to get them anyway. Still a kind act that has allowed me to look over the project before I purchase the plans and video to make sure that is what I really want to do.

                        I have a 12” Sliding DeWalt miter saw. I love this saw but it creates a space problem on a miter bench. I need no less than 32” to fit the saw on the table so all of the legs are on the table and the sliding bars can swing without hitting the wall. Ouch! That is a ton of space wasted behind the built-in support rails. If you have not seen the bench check out this photo

                        Any suggestions from you guys would be appreciated. I guess I could build some screw storage drawers/boxes behind the support rails. I was hoping for a little more room between the front of the support rails and the edge of the table. Short of buying a non-sliding saw, I am unsure what to do with it and a dedicated miter bench.




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                          I am also planning out my new workshop...and having an absolute blast!
                          Two suggestions:
                          1)Construct your shop slowly. As you work, you'll discover your own preferences and find that they may change as you work. So, don't bolt anything down right away.
                          2)If you have the time,build a scale model of your shop. Use blocks of wood, cut to scale, for each of your machines and workbenches. Include a block for your Z-car. Mark the floor of your model with grid lines representing each square foot of the shop. You can solve alot of problems and answer alot of questions by "playing" with your "blocks" rather than moving around heavy machinery and having to fill nail holes and rebuild cabinets.
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                            Hey man, thanks for the response.

                            1) My shop couldn't move any slower if it stopped.

                            2) I have everything drawn out in Auto Cad and little cutouts to move around quickly in the floor on the plan.

                            Any ideas on what to do with my Sliding miter saw? Makes for a very upclose setup to the front edge of my bench I am about to build. Sucks!

                            Makes me want to build a double sided cabinet with a work bench on both sides. Just one side will have a back half of a miter saw hanging over it.




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                              Can you modify the plans of the bench and make it deeper to accomodate your saw?

                              ...or build a "cove" into the wall behind the saw(bad idea?).

                              ...or get rid of the Sliding MS and get a Radial Arm Saw!

                              I intend to build my main work bench to match the depth and height of my RAS. How much depth do you need to fit the saw the way you want it?
                              keep makn\' sawdust!...just don\'t breath any.