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Sliding the rails on 2424......36" on the right

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  • Sliding the rails on 2424......36" on the right

    Does anyone have any experience moving the rails on the 2424 to give 36" to the right of the blade? I like the 2424, but I could really use the extra length to the right of the blade.

    Has anyone shifted the rails to the right? If so, do you have any suggestions on issues that need to be overcome? Will it be bad for the saw to leave it like this long term?


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    I sure did and I can't believe how easy it was! I have seen some remove the cast iron wing on the right and replace it with a longer MDF (or similar) table. I decided to order the support rod, which comes with the extended fence that Ridgid sells, instead. The parts you need are shown here:;f=5;t=000646

    The only things I couldn't get from Ridgid were the set screws, but they were readily available at my local hardware store. I also bought a new measuring tape (adhesive) from Woodcraft.

    I love having the extra capacity! Good luck.