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RIDGID TS2400LS or Bosch 4000-09

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  • RIDGID TS2400LS or Bosch 4000-09

    Pricing on these two are about the same Bosch seems to have more add ons. for example left extention and an add on feed out extention. These are not that important. I don't think that the difference between 3,400 rpm and 4000 rpm means that much. Does anyone know is you can use a Tsquare or Biesmeryer fence on any one of the two. The Ridgid web site does not provide much infor on their TS. On the Bosch site you can download the the manual. one other ? the bosch gravity stand looks like it might be easier to use. any input is appreciated.

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    You can download the Owners Manual for the TS2400LS from the Ridgid website. Follow my link then click on the open book icon near the top of the page.

    I don't know much about either of these saws so I can't help you with that part.
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      Here is a website that has compiled reviews from different magazines regarding the Bosch and Ridgid. It should help you.


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        Thanks for the link! That provided me with all of the information i needed. I have been away from woodworking for awhile and decided to replace my 1954 Craftsman saw. It still works but is not portable friendly!!!


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          If you end up buying the Bosch, regularly check that the gears used to lower and raise the blade are lubricated. They are made out of plastic and will wear out easily if not lubricated.

          Some users on Amazon reported that plastic gears had to be replaced.


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            I posted a brief review of the TS2400 and why I purchased it over the Bosch and Makita in the Reviews Section. Take a peek . . . it might help.
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              I just recently experienced the same decision making process. I can get a Bosch at work with an employee discount but wound up buying the Ridgid for the following reasons.

              The Ridgid has a superior rip fence - heavier, moves more smoothly and has 4 slots for attaching add on jigs, etc.

              If you push on the edge of the Bosch table it will try to hike up on one corner of the mobile base- this may be a result of the pneumatic tires. The Ridgid has almost no movement.

              Soft start - Advertised by Bosch but the Ridgid motor starts slowly and then ramps up to full speed.

              Mobile stand - The Bosch is well engineered but the Ridgid stand is easy to use.

              Miter slots - Ridgid has T slots. If a user makes a sliding table, etc and uses T slot inserts than the jig will remain captive on the table top when pulled to an extreme rear position. The open miter slots will allow a heavy jig to tip up under some situations.

              On board storage of accesories - I think the Ridgid wins this one. There is a place for everything.

              Splitter/Guard - This is a big win for Ridgid. The assembly is aligned with two studs and secured by a threaded rod with plastic knob. I have had it on and off a number of times with no alignment problems.

              Adapting to a custom built mobile base - The Ridgid has a flat base and will bolt down easily. I believe that the Bosch is contoured to fit the round tubing of the mobile base. This may or may not be inconvenient if mounting to another surface.

              Personal testimony - While the Bosch gets very good reviews, I just spoke to an employee at my company who has used the Ridgid for two years in jobsite situations and he can not say enough good things about it.

              Home Depot - They had an internet special going that was a lot less than the in-store price. At first they refused to honor the internet pricing but the tool dept. manager agreed to the match. If this happens to you just start comparing them to Lowe's (pick up any in Lowe's in-stock internet order as soon as 2 hours after placing the order) and they will probably relent.

              Warranty - Yes, you can register for the lifetime warrantly - info is with the saw manual.

              One more thing - The saw setup was essentially on the money - no major adjustments needed. The sliding tape really does work well - easier to see it than to explain it.

              All things considered, I believe that the Ridged is the better buy. Hope this helps.