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TS3650 - Adjusting Trunion for Parallelism

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  • TS3650 - Adjusting Trunion for Parallelism

    Hi All - I'm having a difficult time with aligning my blade with the miter slot. I suspect it got knocked out of alignment by a kickback (not fun, but I luckily learned that lesson without serious injury).

    I managed to get the blade reasonably parallel to the miter slot, but the problem is that I don't have anywhere near enough clearance from the side of the insert. The manual says this needs to be at least 1/8", but the best I've managed is 3/32". For now, I've got it parallel, but I'm really not enthusiastic about the idea of tilting that blade without the clearance specified in the manual. The instant I released the trunion bolts, it slid sideways toward the right miter slot (left when facing the back of the saw), and I can't seem to get it back to the right spot...

    I've read several posts here about adjusting the trunions, but they all contained things that I tried. Here are the things I tried:

    - Releasing the tilt lock
    - Setting the trunion bolts to different heights (all the same, centre loosened just one turn and the rest loose, etc)
    - Raising the 90 and 45 degree positive stop set screws right to the top of the table
    - Adjusting the tilt

    None of that seemed to give me the clearance I need on that right side. When I try to push the trunion to the left, it simply won't budge, even though I'm able to slide it front-to-back without too much difficulty.

    I was thinking about doing some disassembly and flipping the thing upside down to reduce the friction on the bolt but that seems rather drastic.... Can anybody point me in the right direction?

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    Did you look to see if sawdust has builtup in the bolt slots or elsewhere that might be restricting movement?
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      What Bob said. That's the first thing I would look at.
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        Many thanks guys - that seems to have been the problem.

        I got my fingers in there around the bolts and removed a large blob of greasy sawdust from around each one. After I got that out of the way, I was able to move the trunion pretty freely. I loosened all six bolts by one full turn and with the tilt lock released, I used the tilt wheel to pull it over. It only took a turn or two to get the trunions aligned with enough clearance.

        I'm off to check all of the other alignments now. Thanks again!!