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Dust control and RIDGID wet/dry Vac

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  • Dust control and RIDGID wet/dry Vac

    I really like those vacuums that turn on automatically when you operate the tool connected to it. Does anyone know of a device that can be added inline to accomplish this using a regular wet/dry vac? If not, someone please invent one and I'll test it for you.
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    Well, one of those four in one power strips with a switch on it comes to mind... [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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      I think if you check on Woodcraft, Rockler or Tool Crib (as I remember) you will find one of these switches. Not really sure, as I've never looked for one---just seem to remember it being there.

      A word of caution before you spend your money. If you're on a standard 15 or 20 amp circut, in your shop (i.e. you haven't installed dedicated lines) depending on the tool, you may see a real power dip (if not throwing a breaker) by starting some tools and the vac at the same time. I have my router table wired this way and it really dims the lights----I sure wouldn't try it with a table saw.


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        Sears sells the gizmo you are looking for, it's called an Auto Switch, costs twenty bucks. and search for "auto switch" (without the quotes), it's the first item to come up.

        Can't speak for Rockler or Tool Crib, but I have a hobby of selling at Woodcraft, they don't sell them.



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          daveferg has it right. To test the concept, hook both your table saw and shop vac to the same extention cord, then turn them on together. It really drags the motors down.
          If you still want one, I've seen one at Sears. It plugs into an outlet.
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            Thanks for the great info guys(You too 'ole crooked cut). I'll let you know how it works.

            Regarding amperage: As per my electrician's suggestion, I've installed 3 seperate 15 amp "homeruns" (connected to the 100 amp service panel) to help avoid the problem you guys mentioned. I plan to use these lines for my larger machines. Hopefully, this will work.
            keep makn\' sawdust!...just don\'t breath any.