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1.5 hp motor on ridgid old style Bandsaw with riser?

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  • 1.5 hp motor on ridgid old style Bandsaw with riser?

    Has anyone ever put a 1.5HP motor on a ridgid bandsaw with the riser? If so, how did it work and what should I expect to see. The reason I ask is because many of the other 14" saws out there have 1.5HP motors on them. They also sell for a higher price.

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    I have not done so, but would like too!

    My concern is on bearing ware. You will want to match motor RPM speed when upgrading motors.
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      Is your concern with the blade guide bearing (the one the blade pushes against)or the bearing supporting the main drive wheels for the blade? My main concern is the additional torque my cause damage to the main drive wheel assembly. With a larger motor, it will not stall out like the 3/4 hp would have, thus transferring the load some place else. I'd like to know how much HP they designed their components to.

      As I have not opened the box the saw came in (I have been planning on returning it), do you know how I can get the speed, rotation, and other related motor data? I can not find it on the box or on line. All I know is 3/4 hp, TEFC, single phase.


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        The moter specs are listed in the owner's manual. The RPM's are 1750. If you look under products and then stationary tools, click on the bandsaw, then owners manual, then specifications and tech info you will find what you are looking for.


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          If you really want more horsepower and a larger cutting capacity you should be looking at a bigger, i.e. different, saw. Of course, the world needs guinea pigs and if you have the resources - do it and tell the rest of us chickens (who care too much about our fingers) how things turn out!

          It would stand to reason that if one were to increase the power of the motor that the bearings should be replaced with commensurate load bearing capabilities as well. There are some new bearings out of a company in Switzerland that have a ceramic ball among the steel ball bearings. Supposedly it is a cleaning mechanism that keeps the race polished and increases the life.

          Woody, were you stalling your original motor before it blew up?


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            this is an interesting topic. I would like to get a professional opinion on this one rather than woodworker's opinions. It was posted on a couple weeks ago and the consensus was it didn't matter you could upgrade and it wouldn't matter. However I remember while reading Lonnie Byrd's bandsaw book, suggested that could put more stress on different parts of saw. And I can tell you that all 14 inch bandsaw frames are not built the same. I am gonna upgrade my Delta to PM when I get rest of my shop built up. That puppy has cast iron wheels and MUCH HEAVIER DUTY frame to compensate. Also has 1.5 hp engine. I don't know the answer to this one, but would like to.