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Machined pulleys for TS24121

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  • Machined pulleys for TS24121

    The TS24121 has two 2 1/2-inch pulleys (at least from my measuring of them), but will replacing one of them with a 2-1/4 inch pulley cause any problems on the machine? I'm looking at a Sears pulley and link belt replacement kit that has one 2 1/2-inch pulley and one 2 1/4-inch pulley. They say it works with Sears saws 1991-up, and the TS2412 I have is USA-made, so I'm assuming it's also the same as the Sears saw line.

    The tech guy I asked at Woodcraft said the smaller pulley will make the saw arbor rotate at 3800 rpm. Is this too high for the saw? Will it strain the motor?

    Thanks in advance.

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    If you put the smaller pulley on the motor, the blade will turn slower. If it's on the blade arbor, the blade will spin faster. That small of a change should not affect much. If you spin the blade up faster, you will loose some of the torque advantage but unless you are ripping 3" oak, it most likely won't matter much.
    On the blades, ck your blade max speed. Most carbide blades are safe to 10,000 rpm but ck yours.
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      Why are you planning on making the changes in the first place? Do you have vibration problems? If yes, I can think of something less costly and more easy to try first. Changing from the junky OE V-belt to a good one such as a GoodYear industrial grade notched AX type can really make a difference in how a machine runs. The first thing I would do is to remove the belt you have and examin it carefully. Are the bumps or ruff spots on either side of the V part? Is the splice joint smooth? If your current belt has any notable ruffness (little bumps) on the V edges or the splice (factory done) is poor, there's the problem and replacing it with a well made belt should help big time. If you think your pulleys are poor, then you can replace them, and to work out well, you will want machined cast iron ones. Rather than changing your machine around, let's try something simple and less costly first unless you really like the Sears kit.


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        Re: Machined pulleys for TS24121

        Eh, I'm cheap, so I didn't buy it. Thanks for the tips though.


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          Re: Machined pulleys for TS24121

          Sure thing about the tips. Did you check the belt to be sure it's smooth?