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    The 2006 Tool Test list is posted. This is where you can check out any of the products that we have tested over the past year. The products are listed alphabetically and the ratings are there as well. Should you want the full review on any of the tested products from 2006 back to 1995, simply e-mail me with the column number and the date. Only two at a time please.
    When you click below it will bring you to the ShortCuts main page. Click on Tool Tests on the menu bar and that's it.

    Graham McCulloch

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    Have to ask though... do you love everything you touch? Only one item has less than 4 stars and it's not even a tool. It's plans. Were they in Greek or something that they didn't get 4 stars?

    Did you use any tools over the past year that were crap? That's generally the sort of thing I'd want the heads-up on in that sort of list.


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      oh you saw that too? sadly there is no such thing as a bad tool when you are being paid to test and reveiw them and this is why i don't give his colum that much atention. i belive ever black and decker tool would get 4-5 stars in the real world but i see it this way if it is 5 stars you would use it 4 stars this product is fair at best 3 stars oh my god what jusk is this 2 stars i looked at it but i have to go to the bank frist 1 star dont buy from this company since their check to just bounced.
      9/11/01, never forget.


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        I didn't realize he was paid to review the stuff. I wasn't questioning his integrity here, though if he's paid then that's certainly worth noting.

        I just figured he reviewed whatever he happened to use for anything over the course of the year, and is generally an optimist and overly positive person.

        But when you see a whole pile of reviews and ALL of them are good... it brings into question the usefulness of the list.