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  • Refinishing tips?

    I am simply looking for some good resources for general refinishing. I have purchased some older pieces of furniture that have been painted, stained and epoxied and need to know the best way to remove the old and replace with new. If anyone has a good website/publication they would recommend or just some good advice, it would help me tremendously.


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    You might want to check out The Wood Whisperer video podcast. He has a 6 part series on refinishing. you want to download the six parts of Episode 3.

    Cheers- apeman


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      Thank you Apeman. This should help a lot.


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        Re: Refinishing tips?

        Sorry if I'm hijacking a thread, but I am also looking to refinish this old rocking chair. (and the 4 pics following)
        I don't think the woodwhisper site will work for me as I am on dial-up only, which is way too slow for videos.
        The chair is really old, and has thick dark varnish that gets sticky to the touch in damp weather.

        Here is another one I stripped and refinished with some sort of poly a number of years ago. (and the 2 pics following)

        Stripping gets rid of the sticky varnish problem, but on this one I wanted if possible to retain the antique look a bit more, along with the wear on the arms. Is it possible to put a coat or two of low sheen poly over top the antique finish? Or any solutions or hints welcome.