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  • cheap router bits

    Has anyone here ever bought any router bits from EDM Wholesalers. They are an ebay store. If anyone has any knowledge of the quality please let me know. I know they are not great, but if I can use them a little until I get money for good quality bits it would be worth it.

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    Never even heard of EDM...doesn't make them bad. Holbren's getting getting my "value" bit business lately. Comparable quality to MLCS, Price Cutter, Woodline, and Woodcraft, etc., but often less expensive and his service is tops. He's also been getting some of my high end business b/c he carries Whiteside bits, Ridge Carbide and Tenryu blades.

    I try not to take risks with low end bits if I don't have to. The bits I mentioned are all well proven. IMO if your budget is very limited, you're better off buying fewer bits but maintaining some reasonable level of quality.


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      I just used emd for a couple of "test" purchases. I got an 18" paper cutter and a lot of three 50' coil air hoses. They are standard junk from china. The paper cutter is not really useful for my purpose (cutting veneer and laminate strips) because the blade is garbage. The hoses were a good deal considering the same quality costs 3x the amount at lowes. Bottom line is I wasn't pleasantly surprised by good quality. I got what I paid for. If you want throw away bits they might be worth a shot.
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