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Question on wood glue.

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  • Question on wood glue.

    Hello all, I am currently building bird nesting boxs out of 7/8" rough sawn Cedar. I am glueing all joints and fastening them with 6D Galvanized finish nails. I do not want to use any type of finish on these boxs. It is said to use boiled Linseed Oil if anything, however leaving them natural is preferred. My question is this. I have been using Elmers Carpenders Wood glue, once the glue is dry, is it waterproof? As I am not sealing these boxs and they will be getting wet, which should not be a problem for Cedar, (am I correct here?). Will the rain seep it the joints and resoften or desolve the glue. If so is there another product better suited for this application? Thanks for any input. Frank

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    i have not used elmers in years, but have have been using tite bond 2 and 3 and i can't say enough good things about it and tite bond 3 is for outside use.
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      I'd recommend you use TiteBond III glue. TiteBond II is water resistant but TiteBond III is water proof. I don't believe that Elmer's Carpenters Wood Glue is either of those but I don't know that for sure.
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        Unless the bottle specifically says waterproof your joint will fail. Another excellent option for gluing outdoor cedar is polyurethane glue - one brand is Gorilla Glue


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          Use titebond III. Elmers is not made to be waterproof, titebond III is.


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            Thanks to all, I will buy a bottle of the Titebond III and seal the already built boxs with Linseed oil. Will the Linseed oil seal those joints or will it soak into just the wood and just bead up and float off of the joints as it is an oil? Will I need to use a varnish or laquer sealer instead? Thanks again, Frank


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              Titebond III

              Elmer's is not a weather proof product and will fail. I would suggest Titebond III. I have built a number of bird houses over the years (a number for a Master Gardner group) and I always use rough cedar (never use anything treated). Rather than glue and nail the house together I began using brass wood screws. Screwing the project together allows you to replace damaged panels easily and has allowed me to use the same houses for years. I have some that I know are over 15 years old...... I never placed any finish on them either..... just let the cedar go gray....... Hope this helps.