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  • TS2412??

    Seems Ridgid tools are popping up for sale all around since the great HD clearance.

    I've seen local listings for both a TS2412 and a TS2424. Isn't the latter the predecessor of the current TS3650?

    Where can I find specs on these machines?

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    The 2424 is the predecessor of the 3612, which is the predecessor of the 3650. Here is a link to the manuals of the aforementioned saws:



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      Thanks for the reply, it occurred to me right after I submitted the post that the manuals were on this site

      Any thoughts on these two saws, good, bad, OK? The fence on the 2412 doesn't look very robust to me. What did they retail for originally?


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        I have the 2424 and there's not a whole lot I don't like about the saw. I wasn't pleased with the original fence so I upgraded to the Accusquare and that made me happy. The one major complaint I have is the lack of power. Mostly it doesn't cause problems but there are times when it bogs down completely and I have to back the wood away from the saw blade (on rip cuts), wait for it to get back up to speed and try cutting again but at a much slower feed rate.



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          I've had the 2424 for about 3 years, I think. Hard to remember -- time goes by so fast these days. But I have really love the saw. I have no complaints about the fence. Properly tuned, it gives incredible accuracy. Like all tools, you should get in the habit of checking alignment and re-tuning your tools as necessary. I have not had to do that on my TS2424 except once when, while moving some heaving equipment, I bumped into the head. This knocked the fence slightly out of alignment. Easy to put back into alignment after that incident. But I've never had a problem with alignment or bogging down the saw while feeding stock. You have to alter feed rate depending on the thickness of the stock, the density of the stock, and the type of blade you have mounted. That is true with any saw. You'll learn. I'm not a furniture maker just a serious hobby woodworker. I have been VERY happy with the accuracy and performance of my TS2424. I expect it to be a part of the family for many years.

          [ 05-26-2004, 08:59 AM: Message edited by: George ]


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            I have a 3612 and think it's great. Sure the fence could be upgraded but as was said before if you tune it up now and then it should be fine.

            If your going to use it as a nine hour a day workhorse it's not the saw for you, but if your using on weekends and evenings as a hobby you will be happy.

            Good luck


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              I have the 2412, in fact I picked it up as a floor model at HD and love the saw. I agree with George's comments on the fence. It works just fine. No problems at all with it bogging down even with hard woods 1"-2". Highly recommend either the 2412 or 2424. Have fun cuttin wood!