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TS3650 with a shop vac

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  • TS3650 with a shop vac

    I love my TS3650, and it sure does a great job of turning expensive wood into worthless sawdust. What a mess!

    Has anyone used a shop vac connect to the 3650? How well does that get dust under control?


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    Hey, Jack. I use my 5.5 peak HP ShopVac to collect dust while using my 3650. While not as effective as a central dust collection system, it is quite effective and MUCH better than nothing at all. When your shop is on wheels, you can't go wrong with a good shop vacuum on even your larger power tools.

    A couple things I'd recommend: Use a bag in your canister as a prefilter to help keep your pleated, cylindrical filter from clogging as fast. this will keep suction at a maximum for a longer period of time. Also, stretching a piece of "queen" size panty hose over your filter will make it easier to clean when need be.

    Good luck!



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      Pick up one of those separators that fits a 5 Gal bucket, they're sized to fit the hoses on shop vacs. You'll need a second hose (which is a good thing) to place between the separator and your saw. This will also let you move the vac a little farther away and save you ears (that's the good part I spoke of).

      If you are religious about emptying the bucket, it should collect the majority of the sawdust for you. The small stuff will still carry over into the vac, there is no getting around that.

      Amazon, Grizzly, and Penn State Industries are some of the places to get them for about $15~$20, Woodcraft also has them but a little more (about the same if you add shipping to the mail order versions). You'll also need another hose which you can pick up locally at Sears, HD, Lowes, ACE, etc.
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        i use my shop vac a good bit. it does help with the dust. i would also recommend a zero clearance insert to go along with the vac. the zci's are easy to make and there are probably a handful of posts about them on this forum. after i set up both of those, then most of the dust was taken care of.


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          Hey Bob D....
          Thats a great Idea using the separator. I didn't think my Ridgid 4gal 5.5 peak HP shop vac would be able to do the job. I thought the 2 stage principle would only work with high volume dust collectors. Can you enlighten me on this concept? Or guide me on where to look.


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            I use a 12gallon ridgid vac on most of my tools. I will eventually aquire a dust collector system this year.It works for us finacialy challeged folks hehe. The pantyhose over filter was put on the first day of use . My dad told me that one ohhh ....many years ago. Glad to see it still works.


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              You'll need an empty 5-gallon paint bucket and an extra length of 2 1/2" shop-vac hose with fittings at both ends.

              The separator lid fits on the paint can. It has two hose ports on the outside.
              One goes to the shop-vac, and one to the tool.

              On the inside of the lid, a 90 degree elbow is pressed into one of the ports. This forces the air in the can to spin when vacuum is applied. The larger wood chips fall into the can, and the lighter dust is passed on to the shop-vac. The chips can be disposed of or used elsewhere.

              NOTE: if the can is always empty, you've got the elbow on the wrong port, and everything is going into the shop-vac. I've got a mental block as to which port is the right one, and I'd rather not post the wrong info. IIRC, the instructions that come with the lid spell it out correctly.

              I've got a 2 1/2"-4" adapter duct-taped on the tool-side port. I hook it up to my jointers' 4" port, using 4" ducting. It works fine that way too.



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                Shop Vac dust collection

                Just another thought for those using a compact shop-vac for dust / debris collection.

                I use a Ridgid 12gal for my table saw, router extension, and jointer. I have another (even more compact) 12gal Craftsmen for my drill press, planer and general use.
                I keep the Ridgid hooked up to my table saw more or less permanently. I picked up a double set of remote controlled outlets. So I can turn on and off my shop vac, across the shop 10 feet or so just prior to using the table saw and turn it off as soon as I'm done, without having to walk around the TS, across the room, over the hose, and back... Even more critical of a convenience with the router table since I like to listen to the router start-up and make sure I don't hear any rattles before getting to business.

                Thanks for the tip on the panty hose! Never heard of that. Quick question: Do you actually replace it when cleaning the filter? Or just remove, shake off, and put back to work?


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                  If you look around in Lowes or ACE Hardware, there are big discs made out of filter paper that you can install over your filter using a huge rubber band or elastic cord. You can either brush them off with a soft brush or shake them. When they do get totally clogged, just replace it. See the link below for more info. These work much better than ladies nylons.


                  The "mounting ring" is only good when used on their brand filters. For RIDGID, I just use a big rubber band or string to keep it on. Be careful not to crush the pleated filter when installing.


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                    used pantyhose is cheaper . I have had same hose on for 3 months now and just simply clean it 2-3 times a week by lightly brushing it off. As much as wife goes through pantyhose i will just keep useing them lol.


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                      Originally posted by hellcatt200 View Post
                      I have had same hose on for 3 months now and just simply clean it 2-3 times a week by lightly brushing it off.
             should REALLY change your hose more often!!! A good shower once in a while is a good thing!!!!

                      ok...sorry....couldn't help myself there. I tried not to. I really did. In the end, it was too much to ignore!!
                      I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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                        This crazy guy here is ROFLMBFAO after reading your post. I know you ment it just in fun. I'm insane and thus have my fun at times too. We all need to be crazy at times.

                        Note to myself: Please take a long vacation from your PC. It needs to rest.


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                          LMAO !! I figured someone would catch that !