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  • DUST COLLECTION Is this a Good idea

    We are living in a house we are remodeling and are using the dininig room as our work area to cut our molding. We have a rigid laser compound miter saw but the dust collection bag seems to be worthless. Can I put a baggie over the outside of the bag then tape it? I don't want to invest in anything fancy as the saw will go back intot he barn when we are done. Its raining here right now so I do'nt want to have to go back and forth to the barn in the rain to cut my molding. Need a temporary fix.
    Thanks for any ideas you might have

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    Most miter saws, not just the Ridgids', are famous for their inability to do a good job when it comes to dust collection. It would help some if you hooked up the dust port to a shop vac but you're still goint to get alot of dust flying around.
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      I bought the cheapest Ridgid shopvac for $65CDN and it fits on my Crafstman Mitre saw and my TS3650. It was well worth the price and does a good job of keeping the dust down in my shop.



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        It would probably just blow the bag off, or at minimum inflate the bag and that would be about it. As BadgerDave mentioned, most vacuum bags don't do a great job as is. But, a vacuum bag works (even if not great) because the air is able to pass through the fabric, leaving whatever dust behind. With a plastic bag, all that would occur is that the bag would be pressurized (inflated), and since the air and dust has no place to go, it would simply blow back at you, making a worse mess of things.

        Quick solution would be to hook up a shop vac. In the Home Depot holiday flyer, they have the Ridgid $69, 12 gal shop vac on special for $25! Great buy on a very good shop vac. While I have one that I bought last year, I decided to pick one up on the special, but my local store was sold out. They did tell me more were expected later in the week. I mention this only because it would be a rather inexpensive solution and a wet/dry shop vac always comes in handy around the house. You may have to buy a hose adapter to fit your CMS.



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          CW beat me to it. Home Depot for the 12 gal, Ridgid Shop vac. Can't beat that deal. I ordered mine online. free delivery for orders over $49, getting one for my BIL
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            THANK You so much. I hooked it up to my shop vac and it works like a charm. What a great idea. Hopefully in time I'll gain some experience. Just starting to accumulate my tools for now. Tackling molding, so far so good. Just love that Mission Arts &* Crafts Bungalow style, everything on a 90---you can't go wrong LOL