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    They're not all awful

    We have a new, 4 month old, HD here in Randallstown, MD. The store is clean and the employees delightful on every visit. I bought my TS3650 there and 4 (young and strong) guys loaded it into my Prius, with good-natured humor. The experience was so positive I sent the store a letter complementing them.

    So, from here I'm off to that store to get an orange vacuum to get some of the TS3650's dust under control, per the advice on this site. Thanks, folks!



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      From what I've found, HD is VERY dependant on the local store manager, and even to the section manager. Our local HD is pretty good in some areas, like the appliances and even the paint section. The tools, lumber, and plumbing sections are absolutely horrible. They used to have some REAL good people in tools, but lately it's just been a few younger guys that really don't know all that much about cabinet-making, nor do they understand the differences between the tools. Even when it comes to something like the ts2400 vs the ts3650. They just don't have the knowlege it takes to work in the area any more. I blame this squarley on the store manager putting focus into paint and appliances, and dropping the tools section importance. It's sad to see. Wheather this focus directive is from the head office, or just something the local manager decided on I can't know. What I do know is that it's made my local HD into a place I'd rather not shop. Which means that instead of a Ridgid jig saw, I may well end up with a Bosch that I can purchase at the Lowe's down the street. HD needs to not shift focus, but ADD focus. Dont' let one section drop simply to beef up another!!
      I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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        Sandy and everyone else

        If you can find a good deal on the Bosch 1590EVSK jig saw, it's a real gem. Be sure to only use genuine Bosch blades in it. While others in most cases won't harm it, they just don't cut or last near as well. I got mine some time ago from Coastal Tool & Supply and they threw in a nice pack of 10 blades as part of the deal. They seem to be good people to deal with and unlike the big box stores (I think of them as dumps) they do know tools.

        I just looked and as best as I can tell, they are still doing the FREE pack of 10 blades which come in a nice little plastic case that slips under a big clip inside the tool case. $139 for the tool plus UPS ground shipping. Remember that good jig saw blades do cost us some $. This free pack is 2 each of 5 types of blades, but you can always use the little case for other jig saw blades too. This online dealer lists a good assortment of accessories that they try to stock. If you call them, you'll speak to humans rather than robots.

        Try going to and just have some fun prowling their site. It takes a little getting used to it, but you'll get the hang of it soon. Or, just call them if you like. 1-877-551-8665

        Note: I'm in no way connected to them other than as a customer. I just like dealing with smaller companies that do seem to care about their customers and where they know what they are selling. In addition, the smaller dealers are more willing to place special orders than the big hogs are.


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          I agree with vasandy.....anymore I know more about the tool area and waaay more in the lumber yard. I really dislike this change at my store.I used to leave a suggestion every time I shopped there but to no avail it is the same .......Customer Service SUCKS at my main HD. I am lucky to have 3 HD and 4Lowes by me though, all within 20 miles of me.The main/closest is just under 2 miles.