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  • Home Depot Horror Story

    Not feeling able to buy the best, but not feeling comfortable with buying the least expensive, I chalked up Rigid as being a respectable woodworking investment for the small crafts and home repair plans I had for the equipment. I was diligently working on an all orange shop when insult met injury head on Wednesday night. Yeah, I was angry. It was the second heavy tool I'd had to return in less than a month because I opened the box and found it had been used and of course i'd paid full price for it. I've had to get help assembling all the ones i have. Drill Press, table saw and jointer. I bought the planer last friday and my help arrived Wednesday. I knew something was wrong when I opened the box. The top of the planer was rub scared. I figured the box was upside down at some point, ok no problem, but when we finally got the perfectly packed piece of junk out of the box it was a bit surreal. All the screw in the top were heavily rusted. Wood chips and dust never did stop cascading out of it. Resin was caked on the tables the sides and interior of the machine. Obviously a switch. The stand had of course never been assembled, a tactic that would help if the box was checked. So of course i wanted to know why i have to do Home Depots job and pay for the priviledge. i talked to the *** t. manager at store #3804 and all he could say was "don't yell (i wasn't yelling) at us, "they" are the one's that bring things back packed perfectly" and he walked away. If I'd paid anybody but Home Depot that 350.00, I might have asked who the hell "they" were. Suffice it to say I feel slighted and totally incovenienced . I have no planer, after the manager dismissed me of course it wasn't about getting another one, in fact he didn't offer that as a concession. And to exacerbate my irritation, in looking on line for the weight of the planner I see that they have an online sale for the jointer 80.00 cheaper that i paid last month. 80.00????????????? I'm Done


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    don't let store 3804 keep you from a quaity tool brand instead go to another home disapointment and CHECK THE BOXES befor you leave the parking lot.also repote this stores antics to the home depot HQ in a calm and resable manner and what every you do don't get nasty if the person you speak with does ask nicly to speak with someone hire and get the names of everyone you speak with. from what i hear latly home depot is changing and sadly it will be more than a year or two befor we see the changes. but dont let one store stop you.
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      I've purchased and returned 3 routers to HD in last 2 weeks. Everyone of them was defective or broken. They took them back no questions asked, but i had to drive over 100 miles for those 6 trips and still have no router.


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        As you are probably aware, Ridgid has a 90-day "Satisfaction Guarantee" on their power tools. So when a tool is returned, it is probably a judgement call as to whether it gets reshelved or sent back to Ridgid. I don't think it should be up to someone's judgement and I certainly don't know the internal policies of Home Depot, but this sounds like what has happened. Either way, it's the store's fault and not Ridgid's.

        That said, your post was pretty dramatic and I can certainly see where you are quite upset and quite angry. But, if you take that attitude into the store, even the most understanding person is going to walk away from you. You're problem isn't necessarily thier fault and although they may like to help, I'm sure they don't want to stand there and take any verbal abuse... they don't get paid to do that!

        So, first thing I'd do is call that store or another store and take a calm approach. Really, I've returned tools several times. Some for price changes and others because something was wrong. Within that 90-day period, there are no questions asked and therefore no problems or arguments.

        I completely understand the problems when distance, assembly, or weight enter into the picture. As OSC stated, don't hesitate to check everything out before you leave the store or the parking lot. I agree that this is ridiculous, but frankly where can you buy anything, that you can completely trust. Also, never hesitate to take your complaint to the home office. They like to know and will try to make things right for you... just don't yell!

        Lastly, I think most people don't understand that there's a difference between buying online or through a catalog and buying at the retail store. These are separate entidies and prices will most often be different. Generally, the store cannot match prices to the online/catalog sale.

        I hope this helps, and don't give up on an otherwise good tool,

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          Actually, that $319 jointer would have cost you about $40 more than what you paid for yours after you add in the $120 freight bill to get it to you.
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            To me this seems like a case where someone bought the tool, used it for a project and then packed it up in the box and returned it. Home Depot gets so many returns that they don't always check them as they should before returning items back to stock. While we shouldn't have to do this, it pays to being someone along and demand to be able to open up the box just after paying for it and inside the store for inspection. If it has been used or there's stuff missing, you have all the customers that see it as your witnesses. I personally haven't had any trouble returning things, but then I'm lucky to never have bought items from HD that had been used. I did run into a real mess at a CVS store when I bought an electric tooth brush that sure looked like a factory sealed box only to find out after I got home that inside that box was a filthy mess. They REFUSED to let me return it the same day. I really felt like taking legal action, but not having PROOF that I haden't used it, I just threw it in the trash. If I had exploded in the store, you can be 100% sure I would be in jail now. The big guys always win. It's sad but true. Anymore us customers have to really be careful.

            Again, I personally have had no problems with HD or Lowes, but I guess I'm lucky. Sometimes clever custoemers can fool store managers so we can't get too angry at them. We need to get angry at the big boss that will not give them time to carefully inspect ALL returns.

            In your case, try going to another HD and in a calm yet firm voice tell the customer service desk that you really must speak to their store manager. Then tell him/her about your problem, but remember to try as hard as you can to be nice. Be sure to take along an adult that can be your witness. Stay calm and more than likely you'll get a new tool or a refund.


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              Originally posted by CWSmith View Post
              But, if you take that attitude into the store, even the most understanding person is going to walk away from you. You're problem isn't necessarily thier fault and although they may like to help, I'm sure they don't want to stand there and take any verbal abuse... they don't get paid to do that!
              Customer Service is in the crapper these days. I do however disagree with the above comment. It should be the responisibility of the store return process to verify any returns before they are put back on the shelf. If it is used send it back to Ridgid, discount it or do whatever their agreement follows with Ridgid's satisfaction warranty. At some level it was their fault the gentleman walked out with a used tool. And I do believe it is the managers position to stand there and take some abuse from a dissatisfied customer to a certain degree. If it isn't then another reason customer service has faltered. Perhaps not a full blown uncontrollably irate customer dropping some f-bombs, but the manager could have dealt with it better or offered to speak with the customer more privately although he stated he wasn't yelling. There may not even be another HD within reasonable distance from where he lives to try another. The entire situation was handled poorly and I too would be very upset in those circumstances and especially if it wasn't the first time! The store and manager could have handled it much better.
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                Originally posted by Woussko View Post
                .......The big guys always win. It's sad but true. Anymore us customers have to really be careful.
                Yes, as consumers we all need to watch out for ourselves however, it's not true that the big guys always win. It's actually quite easy to beat them if you think about. The simple solution is to just flat out quit shopping at places that you feel have wronged you. They don't ever again get to see one penny of your money,........YOU WIN! Two nation wide companies that will never under any circumstances ever again get any business out of me are Radio Shack and Best Buy.
                I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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                  Good point in never going back. Maybe more of us will feel the same way. I hate BB and RS myself and do my best not to give them business. I have found a big difference from one RS to another. As for BB, I think they are beyond hopeless. My 1 cent

                  PS I like to deal with smaller businesses where the people do care about their customers and remember that is is us that are paying for their dinner. When a place is good to me, I recommend them to friends, but if they &&^%$ me, I let my friends know that too. Hopefully another manager at another HD will be more understanding and resolve the matter.
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                    When I know I am right (and the customer is always right) I certainly let store management know in no uncertain terms (without dropping the f-bomb) what I think of the store, their management abilities, and how the situation should be resolved. If the situation gets to this point, I make sure that many of the other customers in the near vicinity hear me. It's like driving in Manhattan, if you want to get somebody's attention you have to use your horn man!
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                      Good point in never going back.

                      I agree, but if you quietly disappear they will never know that you are gone. They won't feel the ones and twos as they leave. They all add up of course and will hurt them in the end. BUT, I think that if you politely tell (without going berserk) the manager (in front of other customers is even better) why you are not coming back and that you will never spend another dime in their store chain he might feel it a little sooner -OR- change his mind and offer to help you.

                      Why would he cave in now? Because all the other customers who are witnessing how he is handling this situation. If they don't like the outcome, they just might turn around and not shop there figuring they'll get treated the same if they have a problem. If you just go away and never let others know how you were treated, then they will never know and fall victim to the same abuse by the store, intentional or not.
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                        I'll be mad with you

                        djame, I'm with you. A sore back, light wallet, broke tool, and apathetic customer service are enough to make anybody mad. I'm sorry that happened to you, and I hope they get the problem fixed.


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                          Did you ever have an employee do something wrong?

                          Home Depot has lots of employees. I bet they have to depend on those employees to do the work and probably do not pay them a fortune to do it. Those employees probably have a lot to do on their shift to get paid. So I guess you think none of them ever makes a mistake or overlooks something? Hey I like the ability to return things without a hassle. You know 1 solution for Home Depot to do is make it harder to return things and we probably would not like that.


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                            Customer Disservice ad HD

                            In the waning months of 2006, I went to my local HD on quite a few occasions looking to purchase the Ridgid Router. They had the demo unit chained up tight so you could see it but not "feel" the heft or comfort. They also had none in stock and, "off the top of their heads," had no idea when they would get some.

                            The store employees were all totally unconcerned in looking up information on shipments, calling another store to locate one, or otherwise assisting me in making a purchase.

                            Three weeks ago, I located a "deal" on Amazon for the Bosch 1617 EVSPK fixed base/plunge base combo with edge quide at Amazon. I purchased it on a Friday on line and had it in my hands on Tuesday. It is a very nice router package.

                            I really think that Ridgid should get together with HD and negotiate better exposure for Ridgid products in the stores and also some popular accessories and spare parts for Ridgid products.

                            Unfortunatly, in many areas of the country, the big boxes are the only source of low cost building supplies and individually boycotting them does absolultely no good. Most other local building product outlets will not even give you the time of day without a business purchase order. (form your own business and print letterheads and business cards)

                            Maybe if all of us wrote of our concerns directly to HD senior management, the sheer numbers of letters may cause them to improve their customer service, especially during the upcoming reorganization.


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                              When I bought the jointer last week at HD they tried to give me the jointer that was on the floor. The box was beat up and the ends were ripped open. I said no way. They had 5 others stored in the over head racks. I told them I want one of those. They got a forklift and got the pallet down which had 2 jointers that were banded and shrink wraped to the pallet with no visible damage. I haven't assembled it yet but I'm hoping everything is there.