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  • dovetail jig

    i am looking at buying a dovetail jig.looking for opinions on the best one to buy. thanks in advance.

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    I got the Akeda jig. While it's one limitation is some flexibility, I find it incredibly easy to set up. It's flexible enough for my needs. The manual is very well-written, and the tool itself is very sturdy. It's a bit pricey at Woodcraft, but it is (IMO) a very good jig. Of course, the first job I did with it was to make a box to hold all the accessories for it! It requires using proprietary bits, but the full bit kit isn't too pricey, and the bits are very high quality. It also requires you to use the Akeda router collet, which fit my router perfectly. I am sure it'd fit just about any router out there. The collet comes with the jig. My only issue with it so far is setting the router bit depth. I'm just now learning how to do that, using nothing more than a square. It's tricky, and requires exacting measurements. Still, it's easier to use than the others I've tried.
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      My wife bought me the porter cable 12 inch dovetail jig model 4210 for Christmas. It works really well and is easy to set up. Only draw back is it only makes half blind dovetails. The model 4212 comes with a through template and the half blind template.
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        I have the Porter Cable model 4212 and it works really well. I also have a Rockler that also includes the through dovetail template that I would like to sell.................


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          I have used the Leigh Dovetail Jig in a cabinet making class I took. It was very easy to use and make perfect dovetails. I posted pics here:

          Its pretty pricey - its anout 700 bucks canadian (available at Lee Valley Tools). On the upside, it does come with the router bits, a DVD, and large instruction manual.
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