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Do you screw down your shop made ZCI?

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  • Do you screw down your shop made ZCI?

    1/2 BB ply. Forrest TK blade. TS3650.

    I clamped a caul over the insert to raise the blade thru the insert as normal. I got to wondering if I really needed to screw it down?

    The one I made for my dado set I added the screw hole but the missing tongue on the back of the insert is a PIA.

    What's your solution? Do you screw it down? Do you add a tongue if you do?


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    For my 2400, I screw them down but don't bother with the rear clip.
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      First one I made (TS3650), I did the screw, but no tail. Seemed like putting the screw in made the back end pop up a bit. Fit was pretty tight, so probably a screw isn't needed.

      Second one, I did a tail and the screw hole. PAIN in the.....well, it works ok, but I'm not real wild about the little tail. I just don't think it really has enough gumption to do anything other than get in the way. It's 3/4 MDF and I just don't think it's worth putting the tail in it. MDF is a lousy material for this application anyway.

      Plan for third one is 3/4 Ply, and I'll try putting a tail and screw in it. We'll see how that does. I may try making one for the regular blade (all the others are for various widths of dado), and not use either tail or screw. I really think it'll be tight enough to stay in. In order to thru-cut it on the saw, I'll either use the fence as a hold-down, with a sacrificial piece of wood auxiliary fence screwed on...just in case..., or clamp a board over it. I think the fence would work ok though.
      I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.