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  • Ridgid DP1550

    I currently have a Rockwell/Delta drill press and although it is 35 years old it works Ok. I also have a Delta motising attachement for it that I use often. I've been thinking that rather than buy a dedicated motising machine that I would purchase a new drill press and leave the mortising attachment on the Rockwell perminately. I especially like the features and the price of the Ridgid DP1550 and have read in tool comparisons where it outperformed those from JET, Delta etc..... Anyone have any experience with the DP and will to share their opinion?

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    I have the 1550. It's the only DP I've ever owned, so I really can't compare it well. For addon, I purchased a machinists clamp (drill press clamp), and the Ridgid mortise attachment.

    The tool works great, and has proved itself on a variety of projects. Some have complained about not being able to reset the variable speed belts, but I've not had that problem. I don't seem to have any problems unlocking the pulleys. There is a bit of wobble to the table when moving it up and down, but it locks in pretty solid. You have to lock it in pretty tight to eliminate all of the wobble, though. That being said, it does lock down solid. It runs evenly, and doesn't vibrate. The motor seems solid. I've yet to try it on anything other than wood. The hardest thing I've used it on was to drill w/a forstner bit into hard rock maple. The motor never bogged, and the drill speed was consistent right the way through the cut.

    As far as attachments, I'm not really wild about Ridgid's fence that came with the mortise kit. While it's a nice heavy piece of well-flattened steel, it's a total pain to set it up. I find myself using shop-made fences before I'll dig that thing out and use it! Since you won't be needing a mortise attachment, that's not a problem for you.
    I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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      Re: Ridgid DP1550

      I would have to agree with VAS, the fence that is included with the mortice kit is time consuming and difficult to attach. The mortice is a good addition to the tool and certainly saves me a lot of time over drilling and hand chiseling. Aside from that issue the tool works well, at least for my level of work (recreational wood working - hardwood furnature). I like the fact that if comes with a built in work light.