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    I'm thinking about buying either an Incra III or a Biesemeyer (28", don't have space for 40") rip fence for my 2424. Although the Incra carries a slightly higher list price, the bottom line works out to about the same after shipping charges on the Biesemeyer are included. I've heard only good things about both fences.
    Any recommendations?

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    I have had a TSIIIa on my TS2424 since October '99.

    It is wonderful, I couldn't ask for anything more. Since the TS2424 is a left-tilt saw, there isn't any reason to move fence left of blade. Therefore, I mounted the stock Incra rails pushed over to the right. I can slide the "bridge" the fence mounts to 18", giving me a 50" width of cut when needed.

    One thing worries me a little. If you are very tight on space, you must consider the extra width the Incra consumes when opened wide. If you look at a picture of the TSIII, like this: , you can see the center bar sticks out past the rails. When mine is opened all the way, the saw is around twelve feet wide. This is the biggest disadvantage to the TSIII design.

    Should you decide on the Incra, don't try to cut the Ridgid splitter/blade guard to fit around the rear rail. Tried that, doesn't work.



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      Gary, I have the Biesemeyer, on an older Crafstsman saw, (same as TS2424) and love it. I've read several comments about the Incra being a good fence and some of the other stuff they offer looks pretty trick. My thought on the Incra is that it looks pretty complex for what its doing, lots of things going on there. The Biesemeyer is just plane and simple nothing fancy. I bought mine last year and have not regretted it at all. This had to be the single best investment I have made tool wise in a long time. And if you watch Norm at all it sure looks like he has updated his fence, looks like a Biesemeyer to me (Or Unifence(same thing)) Good luck on your choice.
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        Thanks for both comments, they've been helpful. I'll most likely go with the Biesemeyer. The space considerations are a major draw back to the Incra.