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filling in that big space!

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  • filling in that big space!

    Am I the only one who is bothered by that big hole to the right of the right table extension? Any ideas for filling that in with MDF or something? I have an extra 27" long Craftsman table extension. Has anyone ever added a second extension to fill the hole? Should I just calm down and use the saw as is?

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    A lot of people make a router table insert for it so they can make double use of the fence. Others have just put in an extension. If you add something, be aware it will throw off the balance and may put stress on the front and rear fence rails, so you may have to add legs or diagonal supports to keep it from sagging. A search will bring up many, many threads on router table inserts. If you move it around a lot like I do, you may want to leave it alone so as not to make the saw too unbalanced and too heavy to move easily.

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      I just added some ¾" plywood to fill the void on my saw. I use if for an assembly table for assembling smaller projects among other things. So far, I haven't had any issues with the weight of the plywood putting any stress on the rail system.
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        mine gives me a wonderful view of the uneven floor beneath it still lol. I am gonna redo the floor in spring. I am going to leave that space as is though. I have a router table already and a handheld router.