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New member - Dovetail joint jig dust collection

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  • New member - Dovetail joint jig dust collection

    Hello everyone,
    I finally got my basement shop set up and am now woodworking (if you will call it that).
    I have been collecting woodworking tools for well over 20 years but have yet to really use them in any sense.
    What I want to share with you is a dust collection jig for a dovetail fixture.
    Ok, I know the dovetail jig is cheep (harbor freight) but does serve a purpose.
    On top of it all - is how my shop made dust collector works. If anyone has used any dovetail jig - you get sawdust all over you and your shop even if you set up some kind of hood to collect the dust.
    There are attachments that mount to the router itself but those are bulky.
    I what I found most annoying is balancing half the router on the jig while trying to route the wood which is rather unstable and if you don’t keep it square you end up with a bad dovetail joint.
    For the price of around $15.00 I made this jig.
    It is set up for 4" hose (could be modified for 2.25").
    Went to my local home depot and purchased for around $6.00 a piece of plexy glass (acrylic) 24" long and 16" deep and rather thin (.93cm I think) - standard shelf size.
    The fixture is 24" x 5" and roughly 1 3/16 thick. It is mounted to the front (tail?) clamping support.
    The 4" angled dust connector I bought at my local woodcrafter store (lucky me its only 1/2 mile down street).
    Thickness is obtained by gluing 2 pieces of 1/2" MDF together and cut out with a jig saw and using Melamine glue to glue the plexy glass to the MDF.
    Cut the plexy with the table saw (go slow!)
    This is my first try at it and it really works great!
    As you can see it is also adjustable for different wood thicknesses.
    Let me know what you think???
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    Re: New member - Dovetail joint jig dust collection

    Love your idea for a dust collector system for the dovetail jig. I plan to use your idea in making one for myeslf.
    Stephen Anderson