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TS2400LS, and another new guy named Mark

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  • TS2400LS, and another new guy named Mark

    My 23 year-old junk-when-I-bought-it tiny bench-type saw was getting ridiculously dangerous to use. My wife had a project for me that required a better saw so I began to read the net and look at the stores. I saw most impressed with the feel of the fence on the TS2400LS and needed the portability and small footprint for my garage space.

    I got one this weekend (along with a Freud stackable dado set) and spent an afternoon setting it up and dialing it in. I’m still not 100% adjusted on the blade being squared, and most everything else was highly accurate. Man this thing is so sweet compared to the crap I was used to.

    My amateur observations to date:
    1. The fence is super sweet and easy to attach auxiliary stuff to in the slots.
    2. The mitre moving across the table was rough and scratched the surface a bit. I sanded it and it helped. . . . some

    What really sold me on this saw was the fence. Plus, its size (small enough for storage and big enough to handle anything a hobbyist could throw at it)

    Thanks for all the info provided here that helped me in the decision


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    Welcome to the group and enjoy the saw. Now wait till the 'list' of honey do's comes out.
    If at first you don't succeed, try reading the owners manual.


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      Welcome Mark!

      Hope you keep enjoying the saw (and all your fingers) for a long time to come!!

      There's some slick tape out that might help your mitre gauge problems. It's driving me nuts I can't think of the name of it....thought I'd share that little mental woe with you! I'll think of it eventually.
      I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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        Welcome and keep working on the miter guide. The side that contacts the table must be very flat and smooth or you'll never be happy with it. Once you get there, try a coat of paste floor (not auto) wax on it and when dry, give it a good long hand buffing. I think that will help it slide better.