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Virgin Router w/ couple questions

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  • Virgin Router w/ couple questions

    Hi all. I just bought my first router and am in the process of building a canopy for my fish tank. I just got to use my new TS3650 to cut the wood down for it and I am blown away at how good a job the saw did. Now granted, I did buy the Forrest WoodWorker II saw blade for this job, but I still loved the way the table saw performed.

    Anyway, back on topic, I have read as much as I can and actually have a book coming from Amazon on routing, but it's not coming soon enough. I could use some info on a couple basic questions please:

    - I will be using a 1/4" RoundOver bit to round the outside edges. My question here is, where do I start my cut at? I have read about end grains and straight grains, but I am still unsure where to place my router to start my cut. Can someone clarify this for me, in very basic details please?

    - Secondly, I am using 3/4" Birch plywood, will this wood edge ok?

    These are my main questions. I also bought a Double Fluted 1/4" straight bit to use to make slots in the top of my canopy to let heat dissapate. Is this the correct bit for this type of work. I am assuming that I would use this with my plunge base and maybe make like 2-3 passes and be all the way through. Am I right in this?

    I bought a DeWalt DW618 2 1/4hp EVS router w/a fixed, D-handle and plunge bases. I have never used a router before, yet I have experience with just about all other power tools.

    Is there any other tips or info I should know before I start?

    Thanks for the help and patience. If you need any other info, please let me know.

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    Hey Maveri! Welcome to the forums.

    On your question regarding Birch can be rounded over, but you'll see the layers of the plywood. One idea might be to apply some edge banding to the ply and then use a very minimal 45 chamfer. Edge banding is available from a lot of places like woodcraft and such. You might be able to pick some up at the orange box store, but I've had hit or miss on it there. It's basically a very thin wood veneer with heat-sensitive glue on one side. You stick it to the edge of the ply using an iron set on low heat. Then you trim off the edges of the veneer with a sharp knife. Just be careful not to gouge into the ply!! It's a bit tricky. Then with a chamfer bit you put a very slight 45degree bevel on the ply making a thin reveal.

    Since you're working with plywood, you don't really have end grain to deal with. Just start anywhere. It's ok to leave the edge of the ply uncovered, as it makes a stripey appearance when it's stained and finished. It's entirely up to you what you's YOUR project!
    I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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      Thank you very much for your help and advice. I will be painting the canopy black once I'm done, so I am not concerned about the layers showing or anything. I just wanted to make sure the plywood would holdup to the routing and not make a big mess of things.

      I have heard of the iron-on edges, but my stand already has the rounded over edges, so I wanted to continue to pattern to my canopy (I bought the stand used).

      Thanks for your help again. This forum has been very friendly and informative.