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Band Saw Newbie needs help

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  • Band Saw Newbie needs help

    I recently purchased a 14" Rigid bandsaw from home depot (orange style). I've set it up according to the instructions in the manual but have yet to be able to make a single cut.

    The 2 wheels each contain a rubber insert that the blade sits on as it rolls over the wheels. The bottom wheel seems to be functioning properly but as the motor comes up to speed, the rubber insert moves out from under the blade and jams between the cover and the wheel.

    Anyone got any ideas??

    Here's some stuff I've already checked:

    1) Finger spinning the wheel with the blade installed shows that the blade is in the middle of the wheel and is staying there... infact, even after the rubber slides off the blade is left tracking in the proper place.

    2) I've made every adjustment in the manual (blocks, guide bearings, belt tensions, pressure on the motor mount grommets etc.)

    3) The first time the rubber insert popped off it did so in the direction of the cover door. In every other attempt, the rubber insert has jammed into on the other side (the side without the door).

    Every heard of such a thing?

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    Your problem usually happens when the tire (rubber insert) is worn out and loose around the wheel but yours is new so it must be defective. Ask for a new set.


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      As Nuggy stated, if you have a brand new saw the tires should be seated properly and not slip. I also recomend going to get a new set.

      Just so you know, the tire may be secured to the wheel with some 3M weather striping adhesive. To do this easily, remove the blade from the saw, take a wood dowel and place it between the loose tire and the wheel. In the space created by the dowel, place the adhesive underneath the tire and rotate the dowel around the circumference of the wheel. Allow to dry in a warm, dry place. This will keep the tire on snugly.

      Since you are a new Band Saw owner, I recommend getting at least one book on Band Saw ownership. Taunton Press has a good one to read, but there are many others available.


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        Thanks Guys -- Good advice, and I'll grab that book this weekend.

        Thanks again.

        PS. Great forum.