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  • finishing question 101

    I got the recipe for a finish of 1/3 blo, 1/3 poly, and 1/3 ms from this forum. The questions that I have are as follows.
    I have the first coat on and is drying as I type.
    How long should this take to dry?

    How many coats should I put on?

    Do I sand inbetween coats?

    Some one said that it could take as long as 24 hours to dry, so I bought some Japan drier. I am on vaca this week and am in no hurry, so I didn't use it. I will in the future if this does take the 24 hours that I was told.

    All answers on this subject is greatly appreciated.


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    I think that is Badgerdave's recipie but it is similar to the one I use. I use Japan Dryer and more MS and mine dries in less than 8 hrs, without the drier it is at least 24. Just a light wipe with scotchbrite between coats. 4 coats on legs and sides, 6 or more coats on anything that may have a wear factor like table tops. If you have any sanding scratches in the final coat you can melt them away with a cloth dampened in MS after it dries for 2 days, once you are done with the finishing set the finished product aside for at least a week to allow the poly to reach it's full cure and hardness


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      Please, please don't credit me with that recipe. I heard about it from people that know tons more about finishing than I could ever hope to know.
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        I believe that is Sam Maloof's recipe, and yeah, he probably knows more about finishing than all the rest of us put together. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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