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Dust port on JP0610

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  • Dust port on JP0610

    I recently purchased the JP0610 and after setting it up and giving it a test run it seems that the shavings do not really come out of the dust (exit) port very well. In fact they actually seem to almost plug up the exit port and I had to pull the shaving out. Is this normal or did I do something wrong with the assembly.

    PS: Got a good deal on the JP06100 - my local store took the online discount of $80 and I opened a HD credit card and they gave me 20% off. Out the door without/tax was $258.
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    Re: Dust port on JP0610

    Do you have a dust collector hooked to it? If not slide it up out of the way. If using a DC then I have no idea.
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      Re: Dust port on JP0610

      Check the manual. I think you're supposed to slide it up out of the way if you are not using a dust collector. I have a Delta dust collector hooked to mine with no problem.