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  • Make Your Work Measure Up

    Just wanted to let my fellow beginner woodworkers know about a book I recently purchased. It is called "Measure Twice Cut Once" by Jim Tolpin. ISBN # 1558704280 and currently $16.09 from Yeah, I already knew how to use a tape measure but I was really surprised by this book. I would guess that just about any experience level would learn something from this book.

    You learn a lot of interesting things. You will learn some cool tricks to getting accurate angles, finding bisecting angles, working with arcs and more. You will also learn how to perform the layout process to save material (and make work easier), generate a list of materials and a cut list.

    It has lots of clear, full color photos along with clear illustrations to demonstrate concepts. No sloppy, halfhearted drawings in this book.

    I had seen Norm Abram's "Measure Twice, Cut Once : Lessons from a Master Carpenter" and didn't care for it. Jim Tolpin's is far superior.

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    Thanks, George. I'm always looking for a better way. I have Norm's book and while interesting, I didn't find it particularly informative. Best tip I got out of this book was "only measure when you have to". For example, if you are fitting a piece of siding, hold the uncut piece in place and mark it, rather than trying to measure and transfer the measurement to the workpiece.