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New 3650 Too!!! ...with trunnoin failure!

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  • New 3650 Too!!! ...with trunnoin failure!


    Two weeks ago I picked up the Ridgid 3650 Tablesaw from HD. I wheeled-n-dealed with the hardware dept. manager and he gave me 10% off the $549 price, not too bad!

    After putting it together, I used a dial indicator to see if the blade was parallel to the miter slot and found that the blade was 0.010 out of parallel. The blade was angled to the right at the back of the blade. I also found the fence to be 0.008 out of parallel, back of fence angled to the left. This is a dangerous combination for kick back.

    I decided to align the blade to the right miter slot. I used a dial indicator for the measurements and the blade was set to 90 degrees. I loosened the trunnion bolts, all six, and used the lever under the rear trunnion to make the adjustments. To get the blade parallel, the lever had to be moved to the left, about the 8 O'clock position if viewed from the top looking down. I tightened the front center bolt first, then the rest alternately in small increments until all six were tight.

    I should note that all 6 trunnion bolts were sung, at best, from the factory. I've read about this problem several times before!

    Now I wanted to check the angle stops. 90 degrees was fine. As I turned the bevel hand wheel, to check for the 45 degree stop, I noticed it would seize up after 3-4 rotations. I discovered the the part of the cradle, that rides in the rear trunnion, had dug into the trunnion and shaved up some of the trunnion material, cast aluminum or zinc I think. Now the blade will not go past 84-83 degrees.

    I contacted customer service and they said they never heard of this problem. They are sending out a replacement trunnion which I should receive in 3-10 business days.

    Has anyone encountered or heard of this before?

    I tried to post some pics but after I click on "manage attachments" a window pops up saying, "1. You are not logged in, and 2. You may not have sufficient privileges to access this page." I get this massage even though I'm logged in.

    Roy Fek

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    Re: New 3650 Too!!! ...with trunnoin failure!

    There is a checkbox when you log in that says "keep me logged in" or something like that. On some browsers you need to check this box so it doesnt give you the problem you were having.

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      Re: New 3650 Too!!! ...with trunnoin failure!

      Thanks for the photo tip Josh!!!

      Here are the pics to go along with my previous post:
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        Re: New 3650 Too!!! ...with trunnoin failure!

        Not trying to be smart or anything but but you loosen the tilt lock above the hand wheel for raising and lowering the blade?
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          Re: New 3650 Too!!! ...with trunnoin failure!

          If that curly thing is actually metal, that doesn't look too good!

          On the blade to T-slot adjustment, did you take into consideration any blade wobble? The reason I ask is I notice that I has having problems getting my fence dead on to my blade. Then I noticed an ever so slight wobble in the blade. I spun it up and then gently put a magic marker up against the blade while it was spinning down and marked the "high spot". I then re-set it with that mark straight up so I was in the middle of the "wobble" and all was fine.

          As for the fence being .008 out???? You'll never notice that! If you were building an engine,,,,yes, but not on the saw.
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            Re: New 3650 Too!!! ...with trunnoin failure!

            I originally suspected the bevel lock was the culprit before I spotted the trunnion. I loosened the bevel lock by several turns and still had the problem. Then I found the problem was the trunnion.

            Yes, the curly thing is shaved up metal !

            With my dial indicator, I measured .012 of wobble on the original Ridgid saw blade that came with the saw. I took this blade off to discover some material left over from the process that formed the threads on the arbor. I cleaned these "shavings" off with a brass brush and put on a WoodWorker II blade.
            Now my wobble is about .003.

            The new trunnion arrived about an hour ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            So now out to the gara..., I mean Shop, to put it on!
            Now I just have to find a creative way to support the cradle assembly while I swap trunnions .

            Roy Fek


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              Re: New 3650 Too!!! ...with trunnoin failure!

              I managed to install the new trunnion last night. I was quite surprised how quick and easy this was. I made a very simple cradle support from an old 2x4. I cut a V shaped groove on top of the block, to support the cradle, and then clamped it to the rail just below the cradle. It worked like a charm!

              After two weeks I finally took my first cut with the saw.

              How Sweet It Is!!!!!

              Thanks for the suggestions and a big THANK YOU to all those who posted in the "TS-3650 Assembly Tips" thread. The tips there really helped me put the saw together logically and efficiently.
              Oh, and also saved my back!
              Putting the extension tables and the handles on after the saw is upright should really be in the manual!

              Roy Fek
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                Re: New 3650 Too!!! ...with trunnoin failure!

                Congrats, Roy!!! Glad you were able to get it working so quickly. May you enjoy many years of fine cuts with all your fingers attached!!!
                I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.