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Tools, Tools, Tools, Just gotta love'em...but?

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  • Tools, Tools, Tools, Just gotta love'em...but?

    I want to start building cabinets, I am an avid woodworker, I have a the tools but want to upgrade most of them, some I don;t have period though. I have come to the conclusion I am going to buy the Ts2424, ridgid thickness planer. rockler raouter table. But I need a new router,a bandsaw period,I looked at the grizzly bandsaw 14" a liked it alot. But wahat about a good compund miter saw, I liked the Dewalt but man I hope it comes with a kiss [img]smile.gif[/img] need some help anything on these tools would be helpful, also advice on what else I might need that I over ooked, I have a list a mile long, thanks for any advice. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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    Get the best equipment you can afford. If you have to wait awhile to buy better, wait.
    You will never be happy with cheap equipment. That said, my priorities with equipment was:
    #1 Table saw. Do not get cheap here, even if you must wait (oops, I already said that). I have the TS 2424. Good buy.
    #2 Jointer. There are workarounds, but if you are going to be building cabinets, you need straight boards, and this is the quickest way to get there. Heard good things about the Ridgid. Mine's a Jet. Excellent.
    #3 Router. 2 1/4 hp range. Plunge. At least 11 amps, preferably more. This size is a good all-around size. Can use it handheld or with a table. I heartily recommend the Bosch 1613 EVS. See a lot of pros using it also.
    #4 Planer. If you're going to get uniform thickness boards, this is the ticket. I have gotten great service from my DeWalt 12".
    #5 Band saw. For cutting curves, resawing, making vertical cuts. I have the Ridgid 14". Like it a lot.

    Keep readin the forums. The woodonline forum is very interesting:

    Good luck Bo.

    a little at a time



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      I have a very nice compound miter saw, a DeWalt DW705. Almost never use it, it's just a space-waster.

      You can save a fair piece of change, and have a better product, by getting a high-quality miter gauge for your new tablesaw.



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        I agee on the compound miter saw, I was doing some framing work and it was actually my first Ridgid purchase. Just not a great match for cabinet or furniture work, unless you are cutting exceptionally long boards. That said, I wouldn't let anyone take it away.

        TS2424 is the center of my shop and I strongly recomend it and the accumiter miter guage for clean miter cuts.

        I have also been very pleased with the Ridgid planer and joiner, a lot of grey and orange in my shop.

        In making your budget, set aside a fair amount for router bits, good cabinet bits can run some cash that will surprise you, but don't crimp there, especially if you will be using oak or other hardwoods.


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          Thanks for all the advice, I will probably buy alot of ridgid tools, 1. good tool 2. Good warranty, 3. Yall talk alot about how great they are and are very impressed with them. One other question though, Where do I get the accu miter gauge. Seen yall talk before about them, I went to starret web site for about 5 mins and to hard to navigate with out part #'s. Seen a couple in AW mag also looked pretty good to me..


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            I'm not exactly sure what you are talking about when you say "accu miter gauge" because you also mention Starrett. If you want a more accurate miter gauge for the table saw there are several companies that make them. A product called Accu-miter is made by JDS ( I have been considering buying one from INCRA ( On the other hand, Starret makes very accurate measuring tools. In fact, I just ordered a Starrett combination square. I have had pretty good luck ordering from Amazon and they carry both of these items. They usually (look around first) have excellent prices, NO TAX, FREE SHIPPING (for tool orders over $100). If you are not in a big hurry, it is the way to go.


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              Here's an interesting bunch of posts on the bandsaw:

              This is a harbor freight 4 speed unit very similar to the grizzly but with 4 speeds, and the ridgid extension fits it (hmmm? interesting)

              good hunting

              Ryobi cult member spreading the peace


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                Thanksk again for the advice guys. I got messed up on the miter gauge, I found one in the grizzly cataloge, the incra gauge. Also checked out the incra web site, thanks for the tip.Hope to pick up my TS, and planer this weekend, the guys at HD, pretty much know me by now..the only 28 yr old to come in and Drool over tools. Wife hates going there with me but hey atleast it isn't another woman is what I tell her..Thanks again


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                  There is a good review of mid-sized routers at the Fine Woodworking site.

                  As for the compound miter saw, I have a--eh hem--Craftsman. I got a great deal on it and to be honest it does a great job. Everything was aligned perfectly and it cuts very smooth. I, personally, do not feel that this is the tool you need to spend a great deal of money on as there just isn't much that can go wrong with it. Table saws, planers, routers, and jointers (don't have yet, myself) are what I focus heavily on quality with.

                  PS: Glad to hear that I'm not the only 28 (OK, OK, I just turned 29!!!) year old that drools over tools [img]smile.gif[/img]


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                    Been a while, but got to disagree with Dave A. I bought the DeWalt 705 CMS, at first, for redoing all the trim in our house, but then started using it for other ww'ing projects. With it's great accuracy, I frankly don't know how I got along without it all these years.

                    Obviously better for cross-cutting long boards, but also much easier to use for repetitive cuts. For miter cuts, stock doesn't waunder, as it sometimes can using a miter gauge on a ts. As to price---watch promotions at local competetors of big box stores---Going price was $299---got mine for $265.


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                      I have recently bought the new Ridgid bandsaw, the Dewalt DW621 router, and the Ryobi TS1350 compound miter saw. I am well pleased with each of these tools. Good luck in your search.



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                        Thanks again, you guy's are great with advice.I will choose carefully.