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Bosch router table attached to 3650?

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  • Bosch router table attached to 3650?

    I have a bosch router table and it looks like the table would be a good fit for the left extension of my 3650. Has anyone ever tried this? The router table is the RA 1180 with blue plastic legs. The table is 27" x 18" and has screw holes along the back edge.

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    Re: Bosch router table attached to 3650?

    Yes - I had that table in my ts3650. It works just great. I took it out and made a router table from MDF because I wanted to put a Jessem Router Lift in it. When you have the router table on the table saw, you need the ability to raise/lower the router bit. Always needs to be lowered to use the table saw (or you risk dinging up your router bit).

    Anyway, it fits great. Just get some bolts for the side bar slides and set your Bosch table in and tighten it down.

    Regards, DeerCreek