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Ridgid Tool Display at Home Depot

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  • Ridgid Tool Display at Home Depot

    I was in one of the Durham, NC, stores today and couldn't believe the Ridgid tool display. None of the tools were properly assembled and looked like a bunch of junk. I have a Ridgid jointer and BS both of which I like very much. I am not bashing Ridgid tools. If my purchasing decision had been based on the displays I would not have purchased them. Someone from Ridgid should take action to insure that their display tools are properly assembled.

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    I have the same problem. Except at the HD stores around here, the displays are old models. Also, I can't even get close enough to them to touch them at some of the stores because there is so much other merchandise piled around. Unfortunately, that appears to be the HD way.

    Honestly, I would volunteer to set up all the Ridgid machines at the area HD stores in exchange for one of each machine [img]smile.gif[/img]



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      This subject gets covered a lot a search and you'll find a ton of comments on it.

      We all agree that it's not good for our favorite brand, but until the contract runs out, we've got no choice but to suffer the bad displays.
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        The Madison East HD has finally put a 3612 on display this week. Anyone interested, for the grossly underdiscounted price of $538 you can get the banged up, poorly assembled 2424 that they used to display. As of 02/20/03 it was still available. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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          My local HD maintains a good, neat tool crib. They have a complete Rigid display on the floor so you can touchy feely. Go figure.
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            We all agree that it's not good for our favorite brand, but until the contract runs out, we've got no choice but to suffer the bad displays. [/QB]
            I would think there must be something in the contract between Ridgid and The Home Depot stating that a certain level of quality must be maintained by the stores in their displays. If not, why not?
            If I were a marketing rep for Ridgid and I read continual bad comments about display quality I would be on the phone wanting answers and an improvement plan from HD.
            Knowing that sales may be hampered due to display quality I would think that Ridgid people would be all over their butts.

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                We all know that the Ridgid displays look like crap in probably 80% of the HD stores. But in fairness to HD almost all of the displays of all manufactures look like crap in 80% of the HD's. The very few exceptions are the one that the Vendor's rep maintains. and HD wonders about their sales and stock performance. Go figure.

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                  I was planning on posting about this very topic. The Ridgid displays at my local HD's is horrible. They only have the old models on display. I've been serching for the DP1550 with no success.

                  My last visit to HD this weekend I spoke with a manager (who actually seemed to have a clue). He told me that Ridgid is responsible for maintaining their displays! The only way their would be a new model on display at HD is if a Ridgid tool rep came to the store and put one on display. He said they would never take one out of the box to set-up for a display.

                  So is this true? Who is responsible for making sure the Ridgid displays have the latest models? Ridgid or HD? I've always blamed HD for the problem but maybe it is a Ridgid issue.



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                    Strange thing about the TS3612 and the DP1550. None of my 4 local HD's have either on display, yet some have them up on the racks, and judging from the dust on the boxes, and the shipment date to the store shown on the outside, they've been there for 8-12 months. This is one h*ll of a casual business compared to the one's I've been in!!



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                      It's true, the Ridgid Rep IS responsable for setting up and maintaining the displays. I know this because I talked to our area rep last year at a Ridgid Tool demonstration. The store manager alos confirmed that.

                      The Ridgid Rep also stated that he does not bother to properly maintain the machinery, that's it's a hopeless cause. All he does is screw the knobs back on, or put them on that come up missing. This is a big flaw in the marketing of Ridgid macinery. Also partial explaining the posted disapointed revenue intake from both Ridgid and HD on the Ridgid Woodworking Machinery.

                      On another note, when I purchased galvanized pipe to run my air lines, I pre measured, had it cut and threaded at HD. The Ridgid unit was out of adjustment last July/August when I made this purchase. The HD associate stated he would have to have the Ridgid Rep adjust the machine as he knew nothing about it other than using it. I was at the same store last week, and someone else was getting pipe cut and threaded. It was worse than ever leaving deep/sharp gouge marks in the pipe the associate was filing off. Willing to bet, the Rep didn't know how to adjust it either.
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                        Bart wrote But the company I purchase from started out with their manufacturing overseas.

                        So in other words, Bart, you are the customer that drove Ridgid out of the United States. Because you didn't "Buy American", they couldn't compete. Man, that's a helluva thing to slam a company for...



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                          Well, the displays are only half the problem----as from so many posts read hear, even when someone walks in and knows what they want, the HD employees can't find the back stock! So crumby displays---and can't find the back stock----Ridgid has bigger fish to fry than moving overseas!


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                            It is very obvious that neither Ridgid or Home Depot care one way or the other. You all know that Ridgid is aware of this forum and they know what is being said, but they choose to do absolutely nothing about it. My way is the only way that will make them change anything: DON'T BUY FROM THEM!