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How can I stabilize Red Cedar

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  • How can I stabilize Red Cedar

    I have been building furniture as a hobby for about 25 years. I recently got a good deal on some Red Cedar and started building some Cedar Chests. I am having a hard time keeping the Red Cedar stable, it either warps or shrinks. The Cedar has air dried in a barn for 10 years and I have had it in my utility shed for abour 6 months. Is there a product I can get to stabilize the Red Cedar that will not stain it?

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    What would you say the difference in humidity there is between your barn and your workshop?

    What is the size of the lumber before planing and how much wood are you removing while milling to

    Are you allowing the wood to sit between milling and final shaping (pre assembly)?

    Have you read theese article? Wood Web
    Wood Web

    The second article talks about streesses that occur while kiln drying, but may help you to understand how stresses occur while drying. You may also want to read up on Moisture Content.

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