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    I've read numerous reviews, buying guides , and reccomendations in WW mags on table saws, yet I continue to be confused! How important {if at all } is it that the trunions be mounted to the cabinet rather that the table? It appears that the higher priced saws have this feature. I've read that if cabinet mounted it makes blade adjustments easier, but how much more so that with the table mount? For a beginning hobbiest does it matter at all in the long run?

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    Re: trunion mounting

    Typically the cab mounted trunnions are the preferred design. It's what's used in most of the major big boy cabinet saws and a couple of hybrids. They are typically very easy to align because they allow you to move the table and align it with the blade, vs having to align the whole trunnion with the blade. The cab mounted trunnions tend to hold settings a little better too, but most trunnions don't go out of alignment easily without reason. I've owned both and prefer the cab mounted trunnions....the bolts are easy to get to and the process is pretty straight forward. I see cab mounted trunnions as an "advantage", but not a huge thing that would be a deal breaker....more like a "tie breaker" IMO.

    The 3650 has a nifty alignment device that helps with the blade alignment. You still need to loosen some hard to get to bolts and align the trunnion, but it's easier on the 3650 than most contractor saws. There is a $20 device called PALS that will perform a similar function on most traditional contractor saws or hybrids with table mounted trunnions that don't offer the adjustment cam that the 3650 has.

    Regardless of what set up you end up with, chances are good that you'll get through the alignment process alive and well, and probably won't need to do it too often.