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Help with Installing Mulecab Router Table on my TS3650. HELP!!!!

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  • Help with Installing Mulecab Router Table on my TS3650. HELP!!!!

    Hello Folks,

    I haven't posted in a while, it's good to be back here on Ridgid's site. I recently decided that my homemade router table was getting worn out and warped so I decided to buy one of those Mulecab Router Pro tables to add on to my TS3650. I just got it yesterday and it's a nice unit. The only problem is they only have instuctions that assume you will be removing a cast iron wing. I am going to mount it on the right side and keep the wing to increase my rip capacity. The instructions suck as to how to mount the Mulecab. Can anybody send me some helpful photos and instructions on how you mounted yours? I am a very visual person and need some pics for reference. I am not sure where to drill holes in the Mulecabs rails to enable me to install using my stock TS3650 rails. Any Help is MUCH appreciated.


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    I don't know if this will work, but I purchased the Rockler router table. I added it to the right side of the saw. I went and got 2 small clamps and clamped it to my right wing. I then took 4 t-bolts to secure them to my rails. I added two 1 X 1" Legs with the levelers that came with the extension table.

    My next step is to more permenantly attach it to my right extension wing by drilling two holes for bolts in the extension wing, but I haven't gotten that far yet.

    I do make sure I don't leave a router in the wing. Don't want to keep to much weight on the table the way I have in mounted.


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      I just bought a benchdog cast iron router table for my TS2424. I had originally thought to add it to the right side and then realized that I would have to do the same thing your doing or drill holes in the web. (by the way, what kind of bit would you use on a drill press for drilling holes in the web?)

      I was also thinking that I could just add the benchdog to the left and then mount the misplaced web on the right. This might be better since I plan to keep the router mounted permanently. But I'll still need to drill holes in the web eventually. Less weight will be on the web to the far right so I think it might be a safer solution.


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        I measured the distance from the saw table top to the t-slot in the rail and drilled holes in the mulecab aluminum frame to match. I then inserted some T-bolts into the slot and trhough the drilled holes. Works like a champ.