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  • Planer and Jointer

    I have a Ridgid table saw and want to buy a planer and jointer but would like to hold off on the jointer now for saving money. Is this a good idea? Do I need the jointer to make a flat face as I was told by someone else? Will the planer make a board flat? The Ridgid planer looks like the best deal for quality and performance. This sounds like a stupid question but I am slightly confused and would greatly apprecitate the help.

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    A thickness palner has but on use. Reduce the thickness of the stock.

    A jointer has many uses. Making bowed/cupped stock flat, 90 degree edges for jointing, plus any other degree edge you need, rabit joints, and can, will loads of practice, thickness plane stock.

    I bought mine prior to buying a thickness planer. Just for doing glue ups it's worth it's weight.

    I am of the side that says a jointer is needed more than a planer. Others will say the other way around.
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      I agree.
      Andy B.