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  • Ridgid Tablesaw Question

    Does anyone know when Ridgid might put its 2 tablesaws on sale at HD, or what time period thay have done it in the past?


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    Re: Ridgid Tablesaw Question

    I am not saying they won't put them on sale, but it is not likely. From what I know they are both very good sellers, so they don't really have to mark them down to move them. But, you could find promotions when they have general sales, like $50 off anything over $299 or something like that. I bought mine (TS3650) when I got a new HD card, I got $50 off and no payments, no interest for a year. Also it is a great saw, you will not be dissapointed.


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      Re: Ridgid Tablesaw Question

      I got mine when they had a 10% off any tool sale, also picked up the 12" Miter Saw. Both are working awesome and give me zero problems. Except for the screw that holds the laser attachment on the miter saw that I lost, grrr.


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        Re: Ridgid Tablesaw Question

        And not all Home Depot stores are equal, either. Here's my story:

        When I was shopping for a table saw, I went to one Home Depot and found they had 6 or 8 of the TS3650 saws in stock up on the shelves. So I found me a sales person and explained to him that I was an honest person - no, I did not recently move, but I could be dishonest and fill out a moving form and get a 10% discount, so why not give me $50 off the TS3650 for being honest, and you'll save the company $5!
        He seemed to enjoy my logic, so he called his supervisor. They were both looking at the computer, and I overheard the salesman say, "Am I looking at this right , we haven't been moving these 3650s..."

        End of story: the supervisor OKed a $50 discount for me on the TS3650.

        - djb

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