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3650 or new craftsman saw?

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  • 3650 or new craftsman saw?

    I was in HD today and was asking the guy about the arbor problem with the 3650 and was pretty well ready to buy one and he told me not to that they were having tons of problems with them even beyond the arbor problem, he then told me to look at the craftsman or the delta porter cable one? I was reading in other threads everyone talking about the new craftsman, what is the model #? and what do you guys thing about the 3650 compared to the craftsman???


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    Which tool is best is usually a matter of opinion. To keep myself from getting too emotionally involved, I usually try to compare features, price, warranty, quality, and any other circumstances.

    The 3650 has arbor problem on many of the machines, but not all. Some of the earlier models had problems with the leg strength, and some had problems with motor vibration...IIRC those problems have been resolved. The 3650 has a great mobile base, a 13 amp motor and a 36" rip capacity. I'm one of those who would prefer a metal handle on the fence, but most owners don't seem to have issue with the plastic.

    The new Sears models are really light duty cabinet saws. Three models 22104, 22114, & 22124 ...true cabinet mounted trunnions which stay in aligment better and are easier to adjust. Fully enclosed cabinet for great DC with TEFC induction motors that don't stick out the back, and take up less space. All have serpentine belts like the 3650, but the belts are shorter meaning lower vibration. They've gotten alot of positives comments from mags and owners so far. They're made by Orion now and not Ryobi. Orion is a five year old company put together by some former Delta employees. The 22124 has a commercial Biesemeyer fence, a miter gauge with fence and clamp, a very good Leitz blade, outfeed table, right extension table, and a 1-3/4 hp motor. The all go on sale pretty often....the 22124 goes on sale for under $800(sometimes below $700). The 22114 is on sale now for $539. The 22104 goes on sale for under $500. IMO they all represent great values in their respective price ranges. The 22124 is really impressive for a home shop.

    Which saw is right for you depends on you.

    A bunch of folks over at have bought the Sears saws and are pretty happy with them.

    some discussions at

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      I recently went through this same process and ended up buying the 22124. I am very happy with it so far. I did have some minor set up problems but all were resolved and Sear's customer service was great. I don't think you can go wrong with either saw. It all comes down to which saw offers you the features and price you need.