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  • Scraper sharpening

    I've tried and I've tried. I bought a jig. I've spent HOURS on this task. And still I can't get a decent burr on the scraper. Do y'all have any favorite methods? The jig I bought is the one pictured below. When I use it, I end up with a scraper that leaves uneven scratches, and really doesn't have a burr to speak of. Don't know what I'm doing wrong!!! Any help is appreciated!
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    I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.

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    Re: Scraper sharpening

    I haven't used that specific jig, Sandy, but the one I use is somewhat the same, except that the burnisher is a dedicated piece.
    Basically the steps are:

    1. Flatten the sides with a stone
    2. Use the bastard file to get a smooth edge 90 degrees to the sides
    3. Re-flatten the sides since using the file may leave some metal overhanging the sides
    4. Now use the burnisher. Medium-light pressure is all that is needed on each side. Usually 4-6 passes is enough.

    You aren't looking for a 'big' burr. It should be felt with a fingernail, but it won't be big enough to easily see.

    If you have uneven scratches it sounds like the edge isn't completely flat before you burnish.

    Are you putting a bend/curve in the scraper when using it?

    My method is somewhat different from David Marks, so you should go with his, he's just a tad better than I am! ;-D

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      Re: Scraper sharpening

      Here are some other good guides, try after reading these and let us know how you make out. Once you have a basic knowledge of what to do it will be easier for us to help fine tune your technique


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        Re: Scraper sharpening

        Thanks for all the info!! I've printed them all out. I even read them!!! I really do appreciate you taking time to help me.

        Now I'll take them to the shop and see how well I can put these methods into practice. I'll try and get some pics of the before and after. Right now I have 3 straight scrapers, none of which work well.
        I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.