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Design plans for a hallway storage bench?

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  • Design plans for a hallway storage bench?

    Does anyone have any experiance with dowloading furniture plans? I haven't yet found a good site to view and download quality desgin plans? So far I ran across the Rockler site, but it doesn't have what I'm looking for. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

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    Maybe something like this?

    Or this one or that one?

    They have several more.

    I've also used some plans from the Wood Store, but they don't appear to have something like what you want.


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      Here is a website in which you might find some good plans. Many of these are free and some you may have to pay for. There is a cedar bench plan that you might be interested in.

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        Thanks for all the input,I really appreciate it. I think I'll use some of the desgin ideas from all of the above benches.

        The only problem is now I have few more projects in mind; now that I know where to go for ideas.