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Jointer blades chipping

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  • Jointer blades chipping

    I've got my new jointer set up and have run some clear white pine through it just for practice - I've never used one of these before. It gave what I considered good results except after a few passes I started to notice some raised lines. I checked the blades with a magnifying glass and they appear to be chipped. Now I am jointing some maple, not real hard stuff - just from HD, and the grooves are becoming more apparent. Is this normal? It should be real easy to sand the grooves even with 320 grit. Am I expecting too much or is there something wrong with these blades. I am most concerned with jointing as compared to planing since any sanding could affect how the edges join up. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    I hate to think I would have to replace these blades after running less than 20 feet of new, clean boards.

    Best regards,


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    when i bought mine i had a similar problem. my wood was chipping and upon closer inspection i found one of the blades to be cracked all the way through horizontally. i called up the 1-800 number and they sent me out a new set. while i was waiting, i went down to my local sears store (since HD doesnt carry accessories) and bought a set of 6" craftsman blades which when installed work great. i have the new ridgid set standing by for when the installed blades dull and need to be pulled out for sharpening.

    there is another thread on this forum somewhere where we talked in great detail about setting up this jointer and getting everything right. so poke around a bit here, a lot of good info that may help you get your jointer working properly.

    i had a friend come over (finally after about six months) and set it up right. i am not very mechanically inclined.

    anyway look around the sight, and if your blades were jacked up out of the box ridgid will stand behind their product



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      Thanks ed, I will give that number a try.

      Best regards,