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Portable TS Outfeed Table Ideas wanted

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  • Portable TS Outfeed Table Ideas wanted

    Hi All,

    Thanks again for you responses to my angle finding post.

    I'm also wondering about any ideas y'all might have for a portable/foldable outfeed table design for the TS-2400?

    I'm looking for something to help me cut larger pieces of wood without a 2nd person.

    I was also looking at those outfeed roller devices at home depot, but not sure how effective they are. Any comments?

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    I use a roller. If the piecei is really long (like over 8 feet), my workbench serves as a secondary catcher. With a roller, you have to be careful to align it so it doesn't pull stock away from the fence, or push the other way. Either can cause kickback.

    I have too much crud in my shop for a dedicated outfeed table. If I were to use an outfeed table, I would make it literally a table, with another use as well. Maybe you could use a router table?



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      Can a router table be made so that it will have a totally flat surface? Kinda like the 2400 w/out the fence, the blade guard removed, and with the blade all the way down.

      i.e. a router table which can be changed into an outfeed table?


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        Sure. Only thing that sticks up from most router tables is the fence, which is (should be) easily removable. Piece of cake.



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          In the meantime here's a solution you might try that I remember reading somewhere. This fellow uses and suggested an ironing board!

          I thought it was a clever idea although I've not tried it myself. They do adjust heightwise quite a bit and will fold up for storage.



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            I'm still a few months from owning a router, so I'll go with the roller thingamabob for now. The ironing board may work but would look too wierd for me.

            Thanks All!!


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              A fourteen year old high school student works well also if you can tear him away from the Nintendo.


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                I found an old countertop with formica on it and made a table out of it. Put 4X4 legs on it and cut them so the table was just slightly shorter than my saw's table. With the formica top the wood slides well and when I am not using it for the saw, it makes a great workbench!

                Chuck Kemp