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I got a 3612 using a 10% off coupon

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  • I got a 3612 using a 10% off coupon

    I am assembling it and the assembly seems pretty easy. Moving that box alone was a chore. I have 2 questions:
    1. How can I get the top center of the wings flush with the table without a c-clamp?
    2. Is there any part except the table and wing tops that need to be waxed?
    Thanks for any help

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    You'll need a few C-clamps to make it even, and evn then you'll need to tighet those bolts a ton to keep it from moving.

    When I put my saw together, I left the grease on all parts that would not come in contact with the wood. For example, I left the bottom of the wings greasy to prevent rust on the bottom.


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      Besides flush, another thing is that you need to make the wings straight and level (ie not at an angle up or down). Use a straight edge to check this with the bolts already tightened. You can then shim along the upper or lower edge of the wing/table surface using tape. For example if the wing tilts slightly towards the floor when the bolts are all tightened up, shim the lower edge, bringing the wing end upwards.


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        Oops forgto the rest of my post, you can wax the fence, rail, miter slot, as well. While the rails and fence do not rust, wood will slide much easier on them.

        Lastly, congrats on the 3612!!! And at 10% off! Man I wish I had been that smart.


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          How'd you get the 10% coupon? Was this one of the moving deals??

          I'm still shopping for the TS, & wondering if it's worth the drive to LA for the General.


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            A big thumbs-up on you purchase of the 3612. I have no doubts that you will not only be pleased with your acquisition but will also come to realize what a high quality piece of equipment it really is.
            I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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              Mark IV,
              I got the coupon from home depot's website. They give it to you if you move into a new place, so make something up if you haven't. It took about 2 months to receive it. There were not too many 3612 saws available in the L.A. area. I called HD's customer service line to track one down. A month ago the HD in hollywood had 20, today 0. I got mine in Ladera Heights, they have 3 left. It is a small store and not busy during the week, the help there is freindly and as helpful as they can be( not knowledgable, but helpful). These may be the last of real ridgid saws available.