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  • New woodworking show on PBS!

    My fellow woodworkers,

    I am a TV producer and have created a new woodworking show for public television called Woodworking Together. It’s the first new woodworking show to come to public television in more than 10 years and features the very first woman to host a true woodworking show, Boston-area cabinetmaker Gail O’Rourke.

    Our show is geared toward woodworkers of all skill levels, with a special emphasis on beginners.

    Woodworking Together will premiere nationwide on PBS stations in January of 2008.
    You can view the show’s “trailer” by clicking on the following link…

    We are currently seeking corporate sponsors to help underwrite our first season on-air. If you are interested in helping to sponsor Woodworking Together, please send an email to

    Also, if you would like your local PBS station to carry this program, please be sure to call them and say that you want them to carry Woodworking Together from American Public Television! Local PBS station information can be found at

    Happy woodworking!!!
    - Toolfreak

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    Re: New woodworking show on PBS!

    Another woodworking show would be nice. I sure hope you plan on going into a little more detail about how to build the project of the week than you did on the trailer. I'd like to see more shows that have the emphasis on the technique used to build a project rather than the prep work. How about limiting the number of shots of the host firing a brad gun to one per show or better yet per season?

    I know you didn't ask for suggestions but I'm gonna give you a couple anyway;
    1. Devote entire shows on the subject of tools found in the shop and how to safely and properly use them.
    2. A show doing side by side comparisons of the different types of finishes and how to properly apply them.

    I do have one question, how did Gail manage to stay so squeaky clean? All I have to do is come within 5ft. of my table saw and I've got sawdust all over me.

    Good luck with you show. I hope its a hit.
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      Re: New woodworking show on PBS!

      Looks interesting. I will watch. Another unsolicited comment; We all know what a saw blade looks like as it chomps its way through a piece of wood. Put the guards back on your tools and show the newbies the right way to use power tools please.
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        Re: New woodworking show on PBS!

        That's really cool. Gail's a member over at Sawmillcreek. The fact that she's a real person and practicing wwer really adds alot of appeal for me.


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          Re: New woodworking show on PBS!

          Originally posted by Bob D. View Post
          Looks interesting. I will watch. Another unsolicited comment; We all know what a saw blade looks like as it chomps its way through a piece of wood. Put the guards back on your tools and show the newbies the right way to use power tools please.

          And a word from a guy that learned without all the "in your way" crap on the tools. Leave the guards OFF the tools so you can teach newbies how to properly use the tool AND see where everything is! Some of the "safety" crap they hang on tools is like driving with blinders on.

          I hope its more realistic than Normy. Once the wide belt sander arrived, it was pretty much over for the average guy. Most people payed less for their house than Normy has in tools. But when you get it all for free from the sponsors, I guess it's hard to say no. It's just that most of his stuff is light years past what most people can do, mostly because of having a quarter mill in tools on hand!! LOL
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            Re: New woodworking show on PBS!

            The new show looks great to me. I like the fact that it will cater to beginners as well as the more advanced woodworker. Like others here, it's hard to compare Norm's shop to my pile of tools - but I still love Norm's show.

            Know what's really funny? I originally started watching New Yankee Workshop because I liked hearing the accent from back home. I had no interest in woodworking. Now, many years later, I still enjoy the accent from both Norm and Gail - and a bit of woodworking as well.
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              Re: New woodworking show on PBS!

              Show looks interesting and I might not mind catching an episode or two. I agree it would be nice to have a show that caters a bit more towards the beginner/newbie assuming that is the direction this one will go. Unfortunately as all things seem to be around my area, it will most likely be quite some time before it shows up on my local channel if at all.
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                Re: New woodworking show on PBS!

                If PBS dose not want to pick up the show Why not pick the idea to the
                Andy B.


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                  Re: New woodworking show on PBS!

                  Yay!!! About time. I'm going to start bugging all the local PBS's around here to carry it!

                  If you're taking show everyone else I have a couple!!!

                  1) A show on hand planes. How to use them, how to sharpen them! Yes...a full half-hour on hand planes. Probably won't get all the info in there still!

                  2) A show on chisels and carving tools. Again, how to use them and how to sharpen them! I'm stuck on how to sharpen some of the carving tools I have. Wouldn't hurt to go over cabinet scraper useage and care, either.

                  3) How to use plans. This may seem useless to some, but to a lot of the beginners (ahem...myself...), using plans can be kind of not-so-obvious. It'd be nice to show how she goes about designing and drawing up a project. Maybe have a whole series where she develops the plans, then over a few shows builds it.

                  4) Cabinet hardware and box hardware. How to rout mortises, how to install the items. Basic hardware. Nothing really fancy, just your basic Euro-style hinges and some regular box hinges.

                  5) How to plan for, build, and install drawers.

                  I've got tons of ideas....mainly from my failings!!
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                    Re: New woodworking show on PBS!

                    Great idea. Always looking for a new woodworking show. I can always learn something from each of them.

                    One suggestion... please ease up on the wacky camera angles. All the twisting, jump cuts, etc. make it start to look like one of those DIY shows where it's more show vs. substance.

                    Just my 2¢, your mileage may vary.



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                      Re: New woodworking show on PBS!

                      All i really have is Norms show or re-runs of other non running WW shows. I would be real happy to see a new show. Just keep it practical and simple.By all means also do not keep shifting the camara angle so much.If this show is for beginners then keep projects square and simple, show how to hold and manipulate the wood and or tool to work the wood.I like many others have seen to many DIY shows and they get old fast.They always seem to say if you missed anything on the show go visit the website. Well , they dont have time to show all so you kinda have to goto the website. Take your time with this show and "show" how to do stuff.I know i will put my 2 coppers into the local pbs by me.Good luck with it .....


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                        Re: New woodworking show on PBS!

                        I would be nice to see a new show,
                        and one that shows how to do things that don't take a commercial shop, and even that a hammer is a tool, (I love nailers and brad guns, but sometimes that is all that is shown), not ever one has them,

                        as far as the camera angles, (I realize that it was 5 min promotional video, and was meant to be some what fast paced and to give the appearance of excitement) IMO I would think more additional camera angles(different cameras) , rather than the Zooming in and out and panning around, to me the movement was dizzying, all most a form of motion sickness. (it was hard to watch) your not trying to do youth television.
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