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  • planer jointer question

    Looking at getting a new Joiner or planer my question is two-fold..

    1) If I buy a joiner I can use it as a planer up to 6"inches (the ridgid model that is)
    2) would I be better off holding off and doing the sand drum ?
    3)no at this time I dont do enough work as in instuments and fine less than 1-/8th work etc to buy a sand drum for a planer.
    4) Learned from my wife always start with the best you get that way you dont need to up-grade 4 times and spend more money in the long run.

    So question is joiner first than planer or no planer at all and save for sand drum?
    pretty damn confused on this one

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    Re: planer jointer question

    To get truly square lumber from rough stock... you need a jointer and a planer. you start with jointing an edge on your board and then lay the jointed edge against the fence and joint one face. You now have one edge and one face that are square to each other. This gives your planer a flat and true face to hold down on its table to plane the other face flat and true. You now have 2 faces that are true to each other. You cant get this with just a jointer.


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      Re: planer jointer question

      Weblance is right, your need both. But in the absence of money many-a frugal craftsman has used some derivation of this $15 jointing jig which allow you to produce the required straight edge with out a jointer.

      I worked with an older fellow who took a long metal straight edge and drilled a hole in each end, close to the same long edge. He would fasten this to what would be the waste edge of his board, leaving a bit of the metal edge stick out past the board. He used this metal edge as his 'true and straight' edge, placing it against his rip fence which kept the board straight as it was cut (see the illustration in the link and you'll know what I mean - words fail me). With a very beat up ShopSmith and a thickness planer and a router he built some very nice furniture. Try to restrain your frustration as you get geared up with tools and build those projects that you can build with what you have and perhaps one other moderately priced tool purchase. As the wife sees the quality and complexity of my work increase she is less concerned about the tool expenditures.
      Have fun,

      So, now you can 'afford' a thickness planer. Jointers are *not* planers because the side opposite the knives may not be flat or even. You could end up with a tapered board.


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        Re: planer jointer question

        a router table can be used as a 1" jointer, (for edge jointing, you will not have enough width for face jointing) if you make the fence correctly place a piece of counter top laminate, (for offset), on the out board edge, and set the fence up correctly to the router bit,

        example as in the url below,
        here are shims for the purpose of jointing on a router table.
        shows two methods to joint with a router,
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